How to Repair Corrupt MS Access Database File

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Why do we use Microsoft Access?

Microsoft Access is database management system software which helps you to store and efficiently manage database. It is a system to create, store, manage, manipulate, retrieves and update any kind of data. MS Access is easy to use and it is included with Microsoft office software applications.

Microsoft Access is database program which combines graphical user interface (GUI) even novice users are using to manage and report to the data. Microsoft Access is popular with Microsoft office users as it is based on the familiar “drag and drop” method used with other Microsoft office product. Access information can be design to amalgamate with other Microsoft office products including world, Excel, Project and Outlook.

What is Database Management System?

The software which is used for managing database is known as database management system (DBMS). For example, MySQL, Oracle etc. are popular commercial database management system which is used in different applications. There are various big industries with thousand numbers of employees working. All the employees are reporting daily. So, they have to make millions of report related to firms.

All such data have to be managed in proper way, so that the user can get the details from data easily. Therefore the Database Management System helps you to update, remove or edit any type of information whenever you required. Moreover, the database system ensures the safety of the data stored, despite system crashes or unauthorized hacking.

MS Access is also used by software developers and data architects to develop application software. When a user works on MS Access, the database is created into two formats:

Corrupted MS Access Database:

No computer file is immune to data corruption, and there have been several reasons due to which an access database may get corrupted.

  1. Failed hardware: if the hardware is used to store the outmoded, bad sector etc Access database files, then it restrict the complete utilization of Access application. Small storage hardware can interrupts the accessibility of the database files, which lead to database corruption.
  2. Sudden system shutdown: it occurs suddenly without any prior information or warning. Mostly, it is happen due to accidental system shutdown, power surge/outage in the absence of power backup etc.
  3. Incompetent database design: an ineffective design/structure also cause corruption in Access database. Any flaw in the coding makes the database incompetent and thus corrupts the access database (ACCDB) and (MDB) files.
  4. Virus and malware attacks: these days virus cause more harm as they contain much advanced algorithms and codes. Sometime the attack can be harsh, so that data cannot be recovered.
  5. Concurrent use of Access Database by Multiple Users – if one MS Access database file is used by multiple users and at the same time then it cause the particular database files to become corrupt or damage.

Most Common Errors when Access Database file is Corrupted

  1. Error 3049 – unrecognized database format “xxx.mdb”.
  2. Error 3121 – cannot group on fields selected with ‘*’.
  3. Error 3011 – Microsoft Jet Engine cannot open this file.
  4. Error 3112 – records cannot be read; no read permission on “****”
  5. Error 2239 – Database need to be required or isn’t a database file.
  6. Error ‘80004005 – operation must an updatable Query’.
  7. Error 3183 – Access error “the Query cannot be completed”.

So above is the list of common errors an MS access user faces during database corruption

To Repair MS Access Database use Trusted Solution

Basically, various solutions are available to repair MS Access Database from corruptions. There are some minor corruptions which can be removed by you also with the help of manual techniques. But it takes lots of time and also to use this method you should have knowledge related to its procedures. If you want to save your time and energy, than you may go for paid tool.

It is an advanced tool which is designed to handle this type of situations. It offers you to repair and recover both MDB & ACCDB format of Access Database files. it is user-friendly interface and minimal designs. it offers high rate of interactivity.

How to Repair MS Access Database using Compact and Repair Feature (Access 2010).

Access 2010 is my current version so the location might differ a bit if your are using any other version of Access.

  • Open your MS Access program and click on the Database Tool tab.
  • Choose compact and repair database.

MS Access Database Repair and Compact

  • Now browse the MS access database file and choose the file(s) and then click on compact.

Repair MS Access database files

  • After it you have to create a fresh database in the compact database, into dialog box. Enter the name of file and click save button.

The program will start the process to rectify and recover from corruption from the selected database file.

Import a corrupt database into a fresh Database file in MS Access 2010

  1. You have to open MS Access & create a new database file by typing down a new name and destination folder.

MS Access database file repair tool

  1. After creating a new database, you need to click on External Data Tab on access toll bar at the top.

Steps to repair corrupt MS Access database repair

  1. Now you have to choose on Access to import your data.

Access database file repair tool

  1. As soon as you will click on Access, a new window will pop up. Here browse your earlier data by click on “File Name”.

Recover Corrupt MS Access database files

  1. Now search the Access Database files by browsing it. And click open to confirm.

Access file repair software

  1. Now in the import box select the objects or all objects that you want to import.

 Restore Fix or Corrupt MS Access database 

This process will seamlessly import all this selected objects.