Mac File Shredder Software

Most users want to erase the sensitive data due to some reasons that cannot be recovered by someone else. Since data can be deleted permanently from the path but this is thrown on the computer trash, it can be recovered by anyone else. That is why most users want to get the way to dispose off some contents entirely by the computer. For this purpose, Mac File Shredder is widely used application which provides an easy way to erase the selected file or whole drive so that they can do their job successfully. So, whatever your data privacy needs, MAC file shredder is always right there for you.

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Wipe out file or everything from your hard drive with Mac file shredder

Key Features of Mac File Shredder

  • Shred everything: This MAC File Shredder tool is designed to shred everything even it is file, folder, free disk space, already deleted file, hard drive, external media drive, and even floppy drives.
  • Easy and fast shredding: with having the step-by-step instructions, one can shred the desired stuff easily with just few clicks. "Drag and drop" or "select from menu", whether you choose everything is comfortable for you with it. It shows the progress bar to display what is happening.
  • Safety features inbuilt: Because it is quite impossible to get the data back which is accidently shredded, file shredder application comes up with more advanced built-in safety features like confirm before shredding, Safe place, don't panic and comprehensive documentation.
  • Supported Versions: The application of shred files Mac supports Mac OS X, Mac OS 9, Mac OS 8, and Mac OS 7.
  • Overwrite: This MAC File Shredder software also has an overwrite pattern which can overwrite an existing file to the previously deleted file. This also makes impossible for others to recover the lost sensitive file. This is beneficial if you don't want to shred anything else.

Trial or full version - Choice is yours

There is available free trial version of this MAC File Shredder software with limited options available. You can check this out with advantages, options and functions. If you think this is helpful for you, you may buy it from here with full and licensed version. All you need is 64 MB RAM and MAC OS X 10 or later version to get this software running. We are here to provide full customer support online and by phone in every working hour.