MAC File Shredder

Mac file shredder software helps to remove all the digital data from your hard drives. It surely removes the data and never be recovered. If you want to leave your hardware system and does not want to keep any file or folder in your system, then the Mac file shredder software helps user to removes all the file and folders on the Mac system and it can’t be recovered again. This is the very safe and easy to use software for the user.

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Mac File Shredder - Features

Parmanently Erase from hard drives If you want to remove unwanted file from the Mac system, use the Mac file shedder software. This Mac file shedder software helps to erase your entire Mac data within seconds. It is easy to use utility. This tool allow the permanent deletion of the unwanted files from the hard drives.
Removes files and folders The software successfully removes discarded files and folders that include responsive data. You are able to select single as well as multiple file and folders from the Mac operating systems and it helps to remove it permanently. You will never get it back again.
Removes browsing data The adorable software allow you to the removal of the internet browsing information which is stored in the form of short term Internet files, cookies, user sessions and so on. The software removes all the searching information from some web browsers like- Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, Adobe Flash Player, Camino, Omni web, iCab, Navigator etc.
Erases free space The software properly makes sure that removing data from the hard drive with the help of MAC File Shredder software. Sometimes few data are deleted in the past. After the erasing free space, it helps in avoiding any chance to getback data again.
Free trial version We provides the free trial version of MAC file shredder software which ensures and helps user to buy this product. The software has advances features and its functionality. It is Easy to use software as well as user friendly interface.

Frequently asked questions

How to erase the browsing data from the hard drives?

The software helps the user to deletion of internet browsing data or information. It is clean removal of the browsing data.

How can I remove all the file and folders from the Mac operating system?

You can able to remove this file and folders by selecting the file or folders.

How can I permanently erase the free space in the hard drives?

The software ensure that deleting data from the system with the free space. Sometimes few data are removed in the past.

What are the main features of this application?

The software easily and efficiently removes all the digital data from your hard drives. It has wonderful features like- quickly erase the browsing data, removes the free space etc.

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