Split PST File Tool

MS Outlook is the biggest tool which leads to enhance the rapid growth of communication that is essential for an organization. Due to frequent communication demand, the file size is constantly being increased with the growth of organization. In this case, split PST tool is very helpful which helps to split large sized PST file into several small sized PST files. This is used for getting better performance of Outlook in moving, searching, opening, copying, exporting and so forth. This split pst software can split all types of Outlook items like contacts, emails, calendars, journals, tasks and notes to smaller PST files.

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Split large PST file into smaller PST files by using Split PST tool

Why we need to use this feature?

There are two basic reasons why we use split PST file tool:

1. MS Outlook uses file formats to save data. Basically all the Outlook versions use PST file but some Outlook versions save data that formats might differ. Usually, there are two types of formats of Outlook:

ANSI: It refers to "American National Standards Institute" which has a limit set of 2GB. It means there is a limit set you can only save the data within 2 GB. Once you exceed the limit of 2GB, it tends to file corruption. The versions of Outlook 97, 2000, XP support ANSI.

Unicode: It refers to "Unique Universal and Uniform Character Encoding". Usually this has limit of 20 GB storage but it creates trouble once it exceeds 4 GB. The versions of Outlook 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016 supports Unicode.

2. As we have discussed that it has a limit of 2 GB imposed by Outlook. If the limit exceeds to 2GB, you can't switch to the new version of Outlook. In this way, we need to use PST splitter for the solution.

PST File Splitter Tool

Break PST file splitter can create the small sized PST files that are independent of large sized PST files. These small sized files have the same data and structure as the original files are so that they can easily be managed. The 2GB limitation might be the bigger reason of data corruption due to increase in files and file size. It is bigger problem for the operators.

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Split PST File tool comes in such a way to solve the problems of users relating to Outlook data splitting. It also helps to ease he manageability to maintain the large sized precious data into the system. It assures the users in providing better performance in moving, opening, exporting and searching of data within PST file.