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SQL database recovery software enable user to recover corrupt or inaccessible SQL database (MDF or NDF)files. This tool recover all the components of SQL database like- tables, stored procedure, functions, views, rules, triggers and associated Primary Key, Unique keys, data types and others. Go through free version & See results.

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*Free Download version enable user to see the preview of all recoverable database file.

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SQL Database Recovery Software - Features

Restore Corrupt SQL Database MS SQL database recovery software is most usable database application now days. Due to many reasons, the SQL server database becomes corrupted or inaccessible. In this case the software will help you to recover SQL data. it repairs corruption in both MDF and NDF files including all the objects contained in these files.
Multiple formats for saving files On completion of SQL database recovery process, the SQL Database recovery software provides multiple file format options to save the repaired SQL server database file, which include MSSQL, CSV, HTML, and XLS.
Restore Entire Database Objects SQL Database Recovery tool deeply scan the SQL database files (MDF and NDF) and restore all the components of SQL files like tables, views, triggers, primary keys, indexes, unique keys, stored procedures, foreign keys, default values, checks, rules, and user data types.
MDF & NDF File Recovery MDF is the primary file which contains database header and system table information, whereas NDF is the secondary database file. The SQL Server Database corruption affects both the MDF and NDF files, and makes the database inconsistent. This recovery software can repair corruption in both MDF and NDF files including all the objects contained in these files.
Recover Deleted SQL Records The utility also recovers deleted records from a corrupt SQL database while performing the repair function. You can restore all your deleted records without affecting the original hierarchy.
Maintain Integrity of Original Data This tool maintains the integrity of its original data and will not change anything to its original formatting. All files and folder location will remain same as it was before recovery.
Provides the preview options The SQL Recovery Software scans the entire corrupt database and displays the list of all recoverable items in a tree-like structure. This feature is available in free trial version. It also keep maintains your original data and its metadata properties.
Option to the selective recovery SQL database recovery tool allows user to recover data as per user selection. It helps to select the specific data which you want for the recover. After the selection it repairs the selective specific data and saves the recover SQL data your desire location.
Allows Searching the Items You do not need to search for items manually from the list displayed after scanning, as the SQL Repair software provides a 'Find Items' option that facilitates searching for intended items on the basis of specific criteria, such as 'Match whole word' or 'Match case'.
Easy to Use Software The software interface of this application is very easy. It is a "Do it Yourself" application and no need of any technical skill require to access this tool. SQL Recovery tool will repair your MDF or NDF data in just few clicks.
Use Free trial version We offer free trial version that helps user to provide all the information about the software and its capability. It has amazing features and functionality to the execution of the program. Free version enables you to recover SQL data and show the preview of recoverable data on software interface.
Reconnects Automatically when Disrupted The SQL recovery software reconnects the MS SQL server automatically, when there is a disruption during the repair process. This ensures that the repair process runs smoothly.
Saves the Scanned Results Automatically This utility provide an automatic saving option in which you can save the scanned result of the SQL Database MDF file during its repair process. This is a very useful feature as you can resume the file saving process without scanning the complete database MDF file again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this software capable of recovering the corrupt MDF & NDF database?

The sql database includes MDF and NDF file formats. The sql files get inaccessible because of damaged MDF and NDF files. Then you need to the MDF and NDF database recovery. Hence sql database recovery software help user to recover all the corrupted MDF and NDF database files.

Is trial version display all the recover elements by SQL Database repair software?

Yes, Free version allows users to preview all data of corrupt MDF and NDF files. This sql recovery tool display the preview of recovered items in the main interface. You can see any table to check the authenticity of output results. For saving the recovered items, you need to purchase the full version license.

Can SQL Database Repair Tool be handled by the non-techie?

Yes, this tool is integrated with GUI interface. Anyone can use this application easily. Only basic knowladge of computer is required.

Which SQL versions are allowed for this software?

The software supports recovery of SQL database version like 2017, 2016, 2014, 2012, 2008 and its below versions

What about the selective recovery of the SQL database?

The software allow selective recovery, in this case you can select the corrupt files single as well as multiple files which you want for the recovery.

Does it search the SQL files or its items?

The software provides the “find option” it helps to search the recovered files to show the list.

Does this software maintain the integrity of original data?

This tool maintains the integrity of its original data and will not change anything to its original formatting. All files and folder location will remain same as it was before recovery.

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