How to successfully migrate files from thunderbird to office 365?

Migrating Thunderbird emails to Office 365 is not an easy task. Thus, different organizations adopt different approaches to execute Thunderbird to Office 365 migration. Any organization that needs it usually needs to move millions of bulk mailboxes from one platform to another. In addition to the obstacles and risks, format incompatibility plays an important factor between source and destination platform. If your organization looking for a perfect solution for exporting MBOX to Office 365, then you are at right place, this blog is for you.

Here in this blog, we will briefly talk about the manual solution to export MBOX to Office 365. Before we move on to the various solutions for importing an MBOX file into an Office 365 account, let’s briefly discuss the main reasons behind this migration process.

Why you wish to migrate Thunderbird to Office 365?

Here we have mentioned some reasons due to which users want to move from Thunderbird to Microsoft Office 365:

  • As Office 365 is entirely cloud-based, you can access emails, files and Office programs from any location on any device.
  • With Office 365, it’s Microsoft taking on all of the responsibility for security and reliability
  • Provides added features of data share, storage, communication, and collaboration
  • Offers Office applications too such as Word, Excel, Access, Skype, Exchange Server, etc to work online
  • Users can store their password in the system tray of their machine to avoid having to repeatedly sign in
  • Office 365 lets you share mailboxes, calendars, contacts and edit documents in real time through collaborative tools
  • Offers Office suite application at reasonable price like – Exchange online server and Office 365 Mail

Methods to Migrate Thunderbird Email To Office 365

Here are some most widely used manual methods for performing the migration of Thunderbird mailbox information to the Microsoft Office 365 account. Let’s discuss those briefly below:

Method 1: Import MBOX Files to Office 365

The manual procedure you must adopt to migrate the Thunderbird MBOX file to Office 365 is divided into two steps. To complete this migration process, you must first save the Thunderbird email on your Windows PC and then import it into EML files. There are some quick steps to cover these steps:

Step 1: Save Thunderbird Email to Windows PC

  • First of all you are required to create a new folder in Desktop
  • After that open the Thunderbird application on the system
  • Now, open the message folders where the emails need to be moved from Thunderbird to MS Outlook are saved.
  • Now select all messages and then right click on the message; click on save as option
  • At last you need to browse the desktop folder and save the emails there.

Step 2: Import EML to Office 365

  • Now open the Outlook email application
  • Now, visit the folder in Outlook where the Thunderbird messages will be saved
  • Or, select the Folder tab and select the New Folder option
  • A “Create New folder” dialogue box will appear, set a name for the new folder
  • Next, just click on the OK button to migrate Thunderbird email to Office 365
  • Now, you can see this folder on the left panel of the email application
  • After that, click on the Folder to open its content on the center panel
  • Now you need to drag all the messages from the Desktop folder to this folder in Outlook
  • Finally, your data is migrated successfully

Method 2: Forward as Attachments

  • Now open Mozilla Thunderbird on your Window computer
  • Now you have to select messages that needed to be imported into O365 account from Thunderbird
  • Once you select them, right click on them and select Forward as Attachment
  • Now a new email window will open in which emails with be added as EML attachments
  • Here, you are required to enter the email ID to migrate MBOX to Office 365
  • After that you have to click on the Send button
  • And as soon as the process is finished, you can view the Thunderbird emails on Office 365 Mail App

Check the migration process by logging in to O365 and opening each email through your browser in EML format.

Limitations of Migrating Thunderbird Email to Office 365 Manually

  • Restricted to just a few emails → The Thunderbird email to Exchange online export process does not involve the migration of a complete email folder containing more than 500 emails. It can only allow migration of a few important conversations.
  • Long process → Its process is long as well as complex that took lot of time of users while moving each email at a time to their desktop and then to Outlook.
  • Time consuming → The manual method is a very time consuming process to send hundreds of Thunderbird messages in Office 365 with large attachments.
  • Data integrity → Often the email format or SMTP title changes when sending an email using manual solution.

Method 3 Professional Approach to migrate MBOX files to Office 365

The method that we have recently discussed above, would not be suitable in any case for migrating MBOX file with huge amount of emails, attachments, contacts, etc into the Office 365 account. Therefore, it may prove best for you to rely on professional software, which specializes in exporting Thunderbird mailbox data to Office 365. You can easily overcome all the shortcomings of manual methods by using third party tools. You can use the MBOX to Office 365 Migrator utility to make this migration process easier.


In this post you will find a long and tedious manual way, which is used to transfer multiple mailboxes. In this post, the reasons for making the whole task very easy for administrators are also discussed. But as you can see there are some drawbacks in manual methods and there is also a possibility of database loss. Therefore, I would advise you to use a third-party tool to transfer Thunderbird to Office 365.

How to Sync Your Gmail Account with MS Outlook?

Microsoft Outlook is the most popular e-mail manager that every company owner wants to have. It is used by individuals or by organizations as a multi-user application. But still many users have the misunderstanding that Outlook only supports Microsoft Exchange and Office 365 accounts, which is absolutely incorrect in all terms. Outlook can add an account associated with multiple emails such as Opera Mail, AOL, Yahoo, Gmail, Mozilla, etc. You no longer need to log in to the system when you start Outlook, if you have already added your email account to Outlook.

On category basis, you probably have one of the main 2 types of email account – it can be either POP or IMAP. These both types of accounts can be added to Microsoft Outlook application. There can be multiple accounts in one application and you can check all emails at once as Gmail is the main player in email clients, so you have to get the whole procedure including all the important details.

Create the App-password for Gmail account

An app password is a special password that you use to create for some application or devices that access your Gmail account. It is the way to let the blocked app or device access Gmail account. You can create an app password for YouTube, a gaming website, an eBook website, or any other platform that requires a Gmail account and you don’t want to share your original password with them. App password can only be used when you enable the two-factor verification. Create an app password to securely connect to your Gmail account.

  1. First you need to login to your Gmail account.
  2. Click on the gear icon and then select ‘Settings’ option. Sync Your Gmail Account With MS Outlook
  3. Move to Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab. Here you need to enable the ‘Enable IMAP’ option. and then Click on Save Changes button to proceed further.How to Sync Your Gmail Account With MS Outlook
  4. Now you need to move back to your account and click the ‘Manage your Google Account’ option. way to Sync Gmail Account With MS Outlook
  5. Go to the Security option in the left hand side bar, and click the 2-step verification section. You need to confirm your mobile number to verify it and re-enter the Gmail account password. Step by step guide to Sync Your Gmail Account With MS Outlook
  6. After the two-step verification, the App Password section opens. Click on it. How to Sync Gmail Account With MS Outlook
  7. In the drop-down menu, click the ‘Other’ button and enter the name Outlook. Click Generate. Best way to Sync Gmail Account With MS Outlook
  8. Now your new password has been generated. Save it and click on ‘Done’ option given below right hand side. Sync Your Gmail Account With MS Outlook
  9. Once the app password created, Move to Outlook and click Add Account button. Guide to Sync Your Gmail Account With MS Outlook
  10. Select the ‘Manual setup or additional types’ option. Then click on ‘Next’ button. best way to Sync Gmail Account With MS Outlook
  11. Select the POP or IMAP option and then click on Next. Sync Your Gmail Account With MS Outlook
  12. On this page, you must enter all the details of the account. In the input mail server, input and in the outgoing mail server, enter and enter the app password you created earlier. How to Sync Your Gmail Account With MS Outlook
  13. Now, Outlook will verify your account details and log in to the server. Then click Finish. Step by step guide to Sync Gmail Account With MS Outlook
  14. Finally, your account is listed in Outlook and you can check your email and contacts.

There are many advantages of using Outlook that’s the reason why most of the business owners want to shift their email accounts to Microsoft Outlook, so that they can reap the benefits. Here are some tips to keep in mind when implementing your Gmail account synchronization plan –

  1. Offline email access

Outlook allows users to work in Offline mode as well. Users can write an e-mail and save them in the draft and they will be taken after receiving the active connection. This way your business functions will work smoothly and you will not have to depend on the internet to write an important email.

  1. Calendar sharing

Outlook offers an extraordinary calendar feature that allows you to easily plan your presentations, leaves, meetings, seminars, etc., it also allows you to share these calendar records with your team members and effectively collaborate with them later, anytime.

  1. Better Find feature for emails

To finds among a lot of emails, many features permit you to short emails on the basis of date, size, timeframe, etc. Outlook allows you to search and find it in an email folder, search folder, and more.

  1. Resource mailbox in Outlook

Outlook includes resource mailboxes for your meeting rooms, halls and projectors, and more. You can plan to add your resources to these resources and add them to the mailbox. You can even send an invitation and check the free / busy schedule of others.

  1. Create multiple mailboxes

You can have multiple mailboxes in one Outlook program and receive emails in each of them. You can portion a shared mailbox, archive mailbox, and public folder if you have an exchange or Office 365 account.

How to Import OST to Account? – Solved

You want to import your OST to I think your answer will be yes, as nowadays most users want to transfer their OST emails to directly. Unfortunately, they are not getting any reliable solution. So in this article I am going to discuss the most straight forward technique so that you will be able to easily import your OST files directly into after the completion of this article. So let’s we start it.

Why to export OST Files data to

Nowadays, most of the users are moving towards cloud based email services because it can be accessed anytime from anywhere globally. Most users know about the OST file (Offline Storage Table) as a file format used by Microsoft Outlook to store data, which is a desktop based email client. On the other hand if we talk about which is a cloud based email client and provides greatest features with latest security which has more in demands nowadays. There is no official technique to export OST data to, that’s why lots of users prefer alternative solution a tool name OST to PST Converter software. This software is well designed to convert all emails as well as email items from OST file to without any data loss. Moreover, you can also export OST file to Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Office 365, G-Suite, accounts as well. This software is all in one migration tool that offers a great and proficient way with many user-oriented features.

Steps to Import OST to are as follows:-

Done! Yes, no needs to install Outlook or even no manual tricks are required at all. This way you can easily upload an Outlook OST file to an OWA account.

Along with the self-explanatory users interface, the software has numerous useful functions. In which some of the features we have listed below.

  • Allows complete conversion of  OST to PST, PDF, EML and 15+ file formats
  • Use selective folder option to convert desired OST files within few steps
  • Keeps Mailbox folder hierarchy and key elements intact throughout the process
  • Offers fully free trial version & allows to upload 25 items for FREE
  • Support OST file of all MS Outlook version


This is the most reliable and outstanding method that we have discussed so far to migrate OST file to if you still have any type of doubt then you can try the free trial version of this software which you will found on its official site at absolutely free of cost. It will help you in understanding the tool capacity and functions briefly in a better way. Trust me this one of the best solution that will minimize your manual efforts and helps in saving your precious time as well.

Compact and Repair failed! How to Recover Access Database now?

If you’ve used the Access database, then you know that MS Access is one of the best database management applications from Microsoft. MS Access is usually used by various corporate sectors, businesses, etc. who store large amount of their data and manage these data on regular basis.

Just like Microsoft’s other applications, MS Access database files are often plagued by some errors and corruption issues. Generally these errors arise due to many different reasons, which can cause threats to the extremely important data present in them. It is very difficult to remove corruption of data, once it has occurred. Therefore, we suggest you to make attempt to avoid such corruption of Microsoft Access database.

Some of Access Database Errors, which you can see:

  • It often happens that one or more users work on a given database, due to which the performance efficiency of the Access database reduces, because it already have user’s limitations. This may cause corruption for database.
  • If you leave a problem unattended in the coding of the database, it can lead to overall inefficiency or design of the database, which could result in a possible database corruption as a result of a fault in the coding and structure of the database.
  • Access databases may also get corrupted, if it’s become a target of a malware or malicious user, who has the intension to harm the organization by causing corruption in the databases. These types of corruption can be very harmful because it makes the data irrecoverable.
  • If a user is modifying the data in the Accdb file and the unreliable Internet connectivity get interrupted at that time, the database is marked “corrupted” in that situation.

Use Compact and Repair Utility

If you want to fix or avoid generation of excess wasted space (which corrupts the database) in quick time, then you need to use the Compact and Repair utility, which helps compact the database, so that wasted space is eliminated; and it can repair corrupt access database. The compact utility restructures the table records as well as the objects that remove the space that was ruined. In addition, it is capable enough to update the table statistics so that the database characteristics of the restructured data could be reflected.

So, far we have seen above how utility helps us. However, many a times, you will encounter a “compact and repair failed” error. At that point you will wonder how it happened and how you can correct this error. Since it is best to repair Microsoft Access database with third party application which proves to be beneficial at the time when there is no any other option is available.

This is the best possible way to repair corrupt Access database. This utility also helps, if you have faced with the error mentioned above. This software helps you in following manner as mentioned below:

  • It is functional for all types of access files, whether they are corrupt, damaged, or password-protected MDB or even ACCDB files.
  • It performs detailed scanning in two modes to detect low- or high-level corruption, Like, Standard Mode and Template Mode.
  • It works on all versions of MS Access Database as well as Windows OS.

Professional Tool of Access Database Repair

Just follow the detailed steps to repair the file given below:

Use Standard mode (when corruption level is low):

Open the software, click ‘Select’ to select the file.
Recover Access Database Files

Then click ‘Repair File’ to proceed.

See the recovered files and then click on the content or all of the content. Then press ‘Save’ button.
Repair inaccessible Access Database

A New Window will open on the screen. Now select the saving destination where you want to save the file; then click ‘Save’.
MS Access Database Recovery Tool

Now you will see the following information appears on the screen:
Restore inaccessible MS Access Database Files

You just need to click on the link to search the repaired file.

Note: all these above information are for Standard Mode, as you can use it if there is low-level corruption. In the case of high-level corruption, you need to use Template Mode.

How to Repair and Fix Access Database Error 3049?

We all aware with the fact that MS Access is an efficient data management tool and can save macros, tables, forms, queries, and more. Due to its user-centered interface and functionality, the MS Access becomes more popular now a day. The database items are stored in proprietary ACCDB and MDB file extensions. However, there are various situations that can cause database file corruption such as power outage, unexpected termination of MS Access, malware attacks, a hardware issue causing an unexpected shutdown.

Access Database Error 3049

Among the many errors that Access user’s faces during the process is error code 3049. When a user tries to open the database this error code start pops up and make database inaccessible for the user. It is essential to point out that this error can manifest as the Access 2007 and later versions incorporate several advanced features such as data macros, publish to Access services, and more. But older files might not open in these versions. Due to this, the application throws an error with the message: “Cannot Open Database It may not be a database that your application recognizes, or the file may be corrupt.” Repair Access Database Errors

Therefore in this blog, we will going to discuss all the possible causes for getting Access database error – “cannot open access database”. Furthermore, we will also going to discuss all the possible ways to get rid of “can’t open access database” error using manual as well as third party solutions.

Possible Reasons behind Error Code 3049

We have found some of the prominent causes behind the error code 3049, let’s take a look:

  • Inconsistencies and conflicts due to hardware or software.
  • File damage due to large databases storage.
  • Unintentional data deletion or improper storage media formatting.
  • Database has been restored from an old backup.
  • Inconsistencies in the Jet Database Engine (JDE).
  • Due to an unsupported version of MS Access file created in 2016, and below versions.
  • Fruitless database design causing file size bloating.
  • Cause error Due to various malicious attacks.

Ways to Fix Access Database Error 3049

Now in the upcoming section, we will find a manual approach to fix or resolve Access database error 3049. There are various methods that will help to remove Access error 3049 and fix mild database corruption.

Following are some of the reliable methods that have already been tested:

  1. Convert Access MDB files to ACCDB Format
  2. Recover from Access Database Backup Copy
  3. Compacting & Repairing
  4. Using Drive Inbuilt Tool
  5. Access Database Repair Tool

These are the reliable methods that will help to remove Access error 3049. Follow the methods mentioned below:

Method #1 Convert Access MDB files to ACCDB Format

Due to uncertainties between the old MDB version and the new ACCDB version, MS Access provides a manual procedure that can send data from older MDB files to the recent and latest ACCDB files. It is often recommended to close all the programs and files related to MS Access. This process can only be work on Access 2007 or its later versions.

You just need to follow the detailed steps given below, to perform the conversion successfully:

    1. First open MS Access >> click File >> click Open. Next, >> click Browse button to look for the file.
      How to Fix Access database Errors

2. Open dialog box appear on the screen. Select MDB file that needs to be converted to ACCDB format >> click Open.
Repair Corrupt or damaged Access Database files

3. Now again, >> click File tab and >> click Save As >> click Save Database As >> click Access Database.
Professional tool for Access Database Repair

4. You will see the following popup message, If the conversion is successfully completed:
Tool to Repair Inaccessible Access Database files

Finally, you have successfully converted your MDB file to ACCDB format.

Method #2 Recover from Access Database Backup Copy

This is the best tricks to access your MDB files. But before using this method, you must have a backup of your databases for future use.

Note: To create a backup, you need to follow the steps which are outlined below:

  1. Move to File tab >> click Save As >> select Save Database As >> Back Up Database and >> click Save As.Repair Corrupt MS Access Database Errors files
  2. Now, you need to provide the mandatory information and >> click Save.

Method #3 Compacting & Repairing

As we have already mentioned, the access database can grow significantly in file size and can become corrupted. In this case, this compacting and repairing feature helps us, as it is able to reduce the size of database files.

To open the database, that needs backup, move to the File tab and choose >> Compact and Repair options from the >> Info tab. How to Repair Access database files and errors

Method #4 Using Drive Inbuilt Tool

Very few users know that Windows has a built-in drive tool to repair corrupt access databases, which is highly capable of handling database errors such as 3049 very easily.

You can follow the detailed steps given below to repair the Access file:

  1. First you need to open the file explorer, then paste the following path in it: C:\Windows\SysWOW64
  2. Now scroll down and you will see the odbcad32.exe file, just launch it.
  3. In the User DSN tab, you just click on the Add button.
    Free Guide to Repair Access Database Files
  4. Here a new window will open as “Create a New Data Source”. Now, Select the Driver do Microsoft Access (*.mdb) option and click on Finish.
    Best way to repair Access Database Files Errors
  5. To proceed next, you are required to click on the Repair button.
    Repair Corrupt or Damaged MS Access Database files
  6. In the Repair Database window, you need to select the drive and then the folders containing the MDB files, as you see below. Click OK.
    Tips to Repair MDB file by Access Database Repair Tool
  7. You will see the following message as given below, if the repair gets completed successfully.
    Successfully Restore Corrupt or Damaged Access Database Files

Method #5  Access Database Repair Tool

If the above given methods doesn’t work for you, then as a last resort, you can check out for a reliable third-party tools such as Access Database Repair tool. This standalone utility is highly efficient when you are dealing with common Access Database errors such as error codes 3112, 3800, 2239, 3011, 3049, and more. Have you recently been asking, how you can fix the access database 3151 error, than really you are very lucky, because this tool can efficiently fix the error code 3151 for you. Not only this, it also provides many other features that help you in flawless database recovery.

How to Fix Common Outlook Error Messages

Microsoft Outlook is a popular email client, through which many users, like you, use it globally to send and receive their email messages. If we go into it in detail, it has versatile features like meeting, appointments, tasks, notes and more besides being an email application only. However, problems in Microsoft Outlook are not just due to application failure, but such problems can also be caused by software malfunctions.

Before I proceed, I would like to ask a question – Have you ever received an error message while working on Microsoft Outlook? If your answer is in yes, we want to tell you that these error messages can crash or stop responding to Outlook, or sometimes errors may cause file corruption issues, if we not take it seriously in time. But you don’t need to panic, because in this blog, we are going to discuss the top 5 common Outlook error messages. Also, we will learn how we can easily fix those errors.

Common Outlook Error Messages

Whenever there’s any sort of problem in Microsoft Outlook, you’re likely to face different error messages. Below are the top 5 most common Outlook error messages:

#1 – Cannot open your default email folders

MS Outlook Error messages

Suppose you have started Microsoft Outlook, and suddenly you come across unexpected error messages, that look exactly like the error given below:

“Cannot open your default e-mail a folder, an unexpected error has occurred. MAPI was unable to load the information service msncon.dll. Be sure the service is correctly installed and configured.”

The msncon.dll error message is associated with the Outlook Hotmail Connector. Therefore, there are two certain scenarios in which you will get this error:

First, if your Outlook Hotmail Connector is not installed on your system, but your Hotmail account is still configured with the Microsoft Outlook, then you have two ways-

  • Either you reinstall your Outlook Hotmail Connector again;
  • Or, remove the Hotmail account from your mail profile if you don’t want to use it again.

Second, if you have already installed latest version of Outlook Connector on your system, and still getting error message, then follow this simple steps:

  • First, you need to enable the add-in manually.
  • Then, reinstall Outlook Hotmail Connector on your device. Now, remove the Hotmail account from the Outlook profile.
  • Now, just Restart Microsoft Outlook; add Hotmail account again using Outlook Hotmail Connector menu.
  • After successfully creating the account, repair the Office installation.
  • Once it’s over, you need to recreate your mail profile.

#2 – The connection to Microsoft Exchange Server is unavailable

Resolving Outlook errors always seems a little tricky, especially this one.This error message reads-

MS Outlook Error messages

“The connection to Microsoft Exchange Server is unavailable. Outlook must be online or connected to complete this action.”

Being one of the most common Outlook error messages, you may ever encounter this specific error. Some possible reasons responsible for this error are given below:

No Data Connection

Solution: If no data connection is available at that time, you can use the Telnet protocol to test your SMTP connection. If you do not know how to use it, then you should take help of this guide published on Microsoft TechNet site: Test SMTP with Telnet.

Outlook Data Files are Locked

Solution: Sometimes, it can happen that the Outlook data files, such as PST and OST files are accidentally locked, and you have no information about it. But, on the other hand, it may be happen that Outlook data files are set to read-only status. Therefore, in advance you should better check the permissions of these files, and make sure either it is set to read-only status or not.

Interference of 3rd Party Applications

Solution: There are a variety of third party applications available, that can interfere with Outlook while it is connected to Exchange Server. If this is the real reason for all this, then you should better start Outlook in safe mode.

#3 Outlook is unable to connect to the proxy server

MS Outlook Error messages

Outlook users may receive this particular error message, when they connect to the server by using a Remote Procedure Call (RPC) connection or a Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) connection. This error message looks, exactly like the error given below-

“There is a problem with the proxy server’s security certificate. The security certificate is not from a trusted certifying authority. Outlook is unable to connect to the proxy server.”

To fix this Outlook error, you have several options that you can try:

Examine the certificate

First of all, then you need to check the certificate, after that you need to contact your system administrator to fix this problem, by following these simple steps given below-

  • First of all, you have to connect RPC server or secure server in Microsoft Internet Explorer. Then, type in the address bar, and then click Enter to proceed.
  • Now, in the lower-right corner of the web browser, you will see Padlock icon, double-click on it.
  • Now, click the Details tab, and examine the information of these two fields:

Valid to
it indicates the date until which the certificate is valid.
Make sure that this field matches the site name.

Install the trusted root certificate
If you need to install a trusted root certificate, then you need to follow these steps:

  • In Certificate dialog box, click Install Certificate and then click Next tab.
  • Now you need to check the Place all certificate in the following store box. >> click Browse.
  • Here, just click Trusted Root Certification Authorities, and then hit the OK button.
  • Now click Next >> then click Finish >> and again click on OK.

Disable the third party add-ins
If you are really thinking of disabling any 3rd party add-in, you should start Outlook in safe mode before doing this task.

  • You simply need to press Win + R to move to the Run command prompt.
  • Now, you need to type Outlook.exe/safe in the edit box, and hit Enter tab.

If Outlook starts in safe mode without any problems, then it is clear that the actual problem was linked to third party add-ins. So now you have to check the problem in 3rd party COM add-ins, and also it needs to be fixed.

  • Open Microsoft Outlook, move to taskbar, and click the File tab >> Options >> Add-ins.
  • In the Manage box, you just on click COM Add-ins, and then hit on Go.
  • Next to the 3rd party add-ins, you will see checkboxes; just clear them that you want to disable.
  • Now you need to restart Microsoft Outlook again.

Notes to remember: Always keep in mind that, Outlook uses Internet Explorer settings for HTTPS requests. If a third party browser add-in is causing this problem, then you need to disable it in Internet Explorer.

#4 – Outlook Send Receive Error 0x800ccc13

MS Outlook Error messages

The most Outlook errors occur occasionally when you send and / or receive email messages, but Outlook error 0x800CCC13 is a common issue that you always encounter when you use Outlook. This error message usually occurs after upgrading from Windows 7 or 8 to Windows 10. So, Users who have recently upgraded to Windows 10 are more likely to face this error. It read,

“Sending reported error (0x800CCC13): Cannot connect to the network. Verify your network connection or modem.”

If you want to resolve this Outlook error 0x800CCC13, make sure that-

  • You must have to use Windows 10 and Pro 1511 (Build 10586) or any higher version.
  • For Windows home, you must require version 10 (10240) or any higher.

If you are still facing this Outlook Send Receive error, it is possible that your system files are corrupt and you need to repair them. You can use Windows system file checker to repair your corrupted files.

  • For this, first of all, you have to close Microsoft Outlook.
  • Now you need to right-click on Start in Windows and select Command Prompt (Admin) from it.
    Note: If you do not see the option, you can select the Windows PowerShell (Admin).
  • Go to the command prompt and type sfc /scannow. Wait for 20 minutes as the process will scan a regular hard disk. After the completion of the process, you need to restart your computer and open Microsoft Outlook.

#5 – Cannot start Microsoft Outlook

MS Outlook Error messages

When you use Microsoft Outlook, you will often encounter unexpected errors, which can cause serious problems. It reads,

“Cannot start Microsoft Outlook. Cannot open the Outlook window. The set of folders cannot be opened. The operation failed.”

There can be many reasons associated with this common Outlook error, such as – it is possible that your Outlook profile has become corrupt, and that is why you are experiencing this error message again and again. You can find this file in the folder as shown below:

On Windows XP
C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook

On Windows Vista & 7

Note: If you ever see the XML file size is 0 KB, then it’s a strong signal of corruption.

  • If you really want to resolve this problem, chase these simple steps:
    You are required to press Win + R to go to the Run command prompt.
  • Now you need to enter Outlook.exe /resetnavpane in the edit box, and now just click to Enter.

If you fail to fix the problem with the above trick, then you need to follow this one last method given below:

  • First you should make sure that Microsoft Outlook is not running in compatibility mode.
  • Always keep in mind that Microsoft Outlook may not be start, if you are using old profile of any older Outlook version.
  • Make sure that you are using a newly created Outlook profile.
  • MS Outlook Installation and reinstallation over and over again can also lead to error, if done improperly.
  • Most importantly, if you have corrupted file, than you’re likely to receive this error.

Outlook PST Repair Tool

Especially nowadays, a corrupt PST file is considered to be the main reason behind most common Outlook error messages. Microsoft provides the Inbox Repair tool to repair PST file, but in case it does not work to resolve the issue, then you can go for a third-party recovery tool- Outlook PST Repair Tool which is most reliable solution repair inaccessible PST files and fix Microsoft Outlook issues and errors. Moreover, this software can easily workable on all the latest Outlook versions such as 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, and all lower versions in Windows OS. We would like to strongly recommend all the users to use this versatile utility for better output.

Use Free version to Repair PST Files. Repair Outlook PST Error Messages

How to Convert files from OLM to PST Manually?

This is a detailed blog on manual method to Convert OLM to PST (Outlook for Mac to Outlook for Windows) for free. In last we will also discuss the right way to convert email messages and other data from OLM file to Outlook PST file format. But, before that lets we talk about both application – Outlook for Mac and Outlook for Windows.

Microsoft provides two powerful email applications, which are having good reputation in the email communication market. There are two types of users in the market, one of which uses Outlook for Mac and the other Outlook for Windows. Both these applications have the same difference – their file format in which all data is stored. MS Outlook for Windows stores all its data in PST format (Personal Storage Table). Whereas, Outlook for Mac uses OLM file format to store all its important data. Always keep in mind that you cannot open your OLM file in Windows Outlook because it only supports PST OR MSG file format. But, if you need to open it in Outlook Window then you are required to migrate your OLM data to PST file format.

Here is the step by step guide to Convert OLM to PST file.

Step 1:  Generate an IMAP account using Gmail account

First of all, you need to open a Gmail account

OLM to PST Converter Manually


On right hand side of your Gmail account, you will see Gear icon just Click on that.

Convert OLM to Outlook PST File Manually


Now you click on the settings button

Steps to Convert OLM to Outlook PST file Manually


After Clicking Settings button then Click on Forwarding and POP / IMAP tab

Export OLM Emails to PST file Manually


Now you have to check the IMAP access status. If the status is disabled then you need to enable it.

Manual Guide to Convert OLM to Outlook PST file


Step 2: Add IMAP mail account to Outlook for Mac

  • Now, you have to first open your Outlook for Mac.
  • Go to the Menu and click on the Tools option from where you need to select the Accounts option.
  • Now, you are required to click on Email option. Here, it will ask you to enter an email address, password and other information in the vacant place, fill all the details carefully. After that, click on Add Account option.
  • You need to check the IMAP mail account, once the above process gets completed.


Step 3: Create a Label in Gmail

Now again you have to open your Gmail And move to the Gear icon on right hand side of your Gmail account. Now, hit on the Settings button.

Export OLM Emails to Outlook PST file


Under the Settings tab, you need to click on Labels.

Helping Guide to Convert OLM to Outlook PST file


Here, you are required click on Create New Label from the level list displayed in front of you. Also, you need to click on the checkbox of IMAP.

OLM to PST Conversion Manually


Successfully after reaching this step, you are required to move to your Mac Outlook and just click onSend/Receive


Step 4: Move or transferred emails from Mac Outlook to IMAP mailbox.

  • First, you open Outlook for Mac,
  • Then, right-click on the mailbox data that you want to convert to Windows Outlook.
  • Now, you have to select Move option as well as Copy to Folder option.
  • Here, you just mention name of your IMAP folder and click on Copy.
  • Now you can update your mailbox by refreshing the Gmail folder, or click on send / received option.

Now, all mailbox data you copied is already has been synced to IMAP mailbox folders.

Major Drawbacks of Manual Method are:-

  • Users have to pay a lot of attention while using the manual method, because even a small mismatch can corrupt your data, or you can lose data.
  • Manual process takes a lot of time and not only this; you must have sound technical knowledge to run this process.
  • This method is not so effective for corrupted OLM files of users.


Professional OLM to PST Converter

Till now we have done a lot of discussion about manual method and we have learned a lot about it. We have to pay a lot of attention while using the manual method, because if we do not do this then we can lose all our data. So if you listen to us, then we would recommend you to convert your Mac OLM file to Outlook PST format with the use of OLM to PST Converter tool. This is the most reliable tool that successfully converts your OLM data to PST file format without manipulating any data formatting and structure. Go thorugh Free version to Convert OLM files.

How to Repair Corrupted MS Access Database File

Why do we use Microsoft Access?

Microsoft Access is database management system software which helps you to store and efficiently manage database. It is a system to create, store, manage, manipulate, retrieves and update any kind of data. MS Access is easy to use and it is included with Microsoft office software applications. Microsoft Access is database program which combines graphical user interface (GUI) even novice users are using to manage and report to the data. Microsoft Access is popular with Microsoft office users as it is based on the familiar “drag and drop” method used with other Microsoft office product. Access information can be design to amalgamate with other Microsoft office products including world, Excel, Project and Outlook.

What is Database Management System?

The software which is used for managing database is known as database management system (DBMS). For example, MySQL, Oracle etc. are popular commercial database management system which is used in different applications. There are various big industries with thousand numbers of employees working. All the employees are reporting daily. So, they have to make millions of report related to firms. All such data have to be managed in proper way, so that the user can get the details from data easily. Therefore the Database Management System helps you to update, remove or edit any type of information whenever you required. Moreover, the database system ensures the safety of the data stored, despite system crashes or unauthorized hacking.

MS Access is also used by software developers and data architects to develop application software. When a user works on MS Access, the database is created into two formats:

Corrupted MS Access Database:

No computer file is immune to data corruption, and there have been several reasons due to which an access database may get corrupted.

  1. Failed hardware: if the hardware is used to store the outmoded, bad sector etc Access database files, then it restrict the complete utilization of Access application. Small storage hardware can interrupts the accessibility of the database files, which lead to database corruption.
  2. Sudden system shutdown: it occurs suddenly without any prior information or warning. Mostly, it is happen due to accidental system shutdown, power surge/outage in the absence of power backup etc.
  3. Incompetent database design: an ineffective design/structure also cause corruption in Access database. Any flaw in the coding makes the database incompetent and thus corrupts the access database (ACCDB) and (MDB) files.
  4. Virus and malware attacks: these days virus cause more harm as they contain much advanced algorithms and codes. Sometime the attack can be harsh, so that data cannot be recovered.
  5. Concurrent use of Access Database by Multiple Users – if one MS Access database file is used by multiple users and at the same time then it cause the particular database files to become corrupt or damage.

Most Common Errors when Access Database file is Corrupted

  1. Error 3049 – unrecognized database format “xxx.mdb”.
  2. Error 3121 – cannot group on fields selected with ‘*’.
  3. Error 3011 – Microsoft Jet Engine cannot open this file.
  4. Error 3112 – records cannot be read; no read permission on “****”
  5. Error 2239 – Database need to be required or isn’t a database file.
  6. Error ‘80004005 – operation must an updatable Query’.
  7. Error 3183 – Access error “the Query cannot be completed”.

So above is the list of common errors an MS access user faces during database corruption

To Repair MS Access Database use Trusted Solution

Basically, various solutions are available to repair MS Access Database from corruptions. There are some minor corruptions which can be removed by you also with the help of manual techniques. But it takes lots of time and also to use this method you should have knowledge related to its procedures. If you want to save your time and energy, than you may go for paid tool. It is an advanced tool which is designed to handle this type of situations. It offers you to repair and recover both MDB & ACCDB format of Access Database files. it is user-friendly interface and minimal designs. it offers high rate of interactivity.

How to Repair MS Access Database using Compact and Repair Feature (Access 2010).

Access 2010 is my current version so the location might differ a bit if your are using any other version of Access.

  • Open your MS Access program and click on the Database Tool tab.
  • Choose compact and repair database.

MS Access Database Repair and Compact

  • Now browse the MS access database file and choose the file(s) and then click on compact.

Repair MS Access database files

  • After it you have to create a fresh database in the compact database, into dialog box. Enter the name of file and click save button.

The program will start the process to rectify and recover from corruption from the selected database file.

Import a corrupt database into a fresh Database file in MS Access 2010

  1. You have to open MS Access & create a new database file by typing down a new name and destination folder.

MS Access database file repair tool

  1. After creating a new database, you need to click on External Data Tab on access toll bar at the top.

Steps to repair corrupt MS Access database repair

  1. Now you have to choose on Access to import your data.

Access database file repair tool

  1. As soon as you will click on Access, a new window will pop up. Here browse your earlier data by click on “File Name”.

Recover Corrupt MS Access database files

  1. Now search the Access Database files by browsing it. And click open to confirm.

Access file repair software

  1. Now in the import box select the objects or all objects that you want to import.

 Restore Fix or Corrupt MS Access database 

This process will seamlessly import all this selected objects.

How to Fix “Username.ost is in use and cannot be accessed” Error in Outlook 2016?

An OST file is a replica of user mailboxes on Exchange Server, which is saved on the system. These files are known to have different errors or issues like “OST is in use and cannot be accessed”. If you are having these errors, you are at the right place. We will discuss it with some methods.


If Cached mode is turned on in your Microsoft Exchange server, it creates a replica of mailboxes and stores it in the system with .ost extension. Even if network is gone with Exchange Server, we can keep working with mails. There are various issues related to OST file corruption which could face ‘File is in use and cannot be accessed error.

Here are some of the main causes of error –

  • Some conflicts happened in MS Outlook.
  • Synchronization error between Exchange Server and OST
  • Accessing same OST by several users.
  • Slow connection and unreliable connectivity
  • Unauthorized access to OST file
  • Outlook process like LYNC, Office Communicator 2005/2007 running in background

Here are some of the methods to resolve the error “OST in Use and Cannot be accessed”

After detecting the error and knowing the reasons behind the same, this error can be fixed in next step. Here are some of the methods to help you know how to fix this OST error.


Close all Outlook based Processes

One of the best steps which can help you fix the errors related to inaccessible files is stopping the background process of MS Outlook. Here are the steps to do the task –

  • Close the MS Outlook properly.
  • Go to Task Manager by right clicking on Taskbar.
  • Choose the tab ‘Processes’
  • Search ‘Communicator’, ‘Lync’, ‘ucmapi’, or ‘Outlook’
  • If you choose any of them, choose process and click the button ‘End Task’.


Method 2 – Disable Cached Exchange Mode

You simply have to disable cached Exchange Mode with the following process in this method –

  • Open ‘Control Panel’ after selecting Outlook and choose ‘Mail’
  • Choose Email tab by clicking Email Accounts button
  • Click on ‘Change’ by choosing Email ID
  • Unselect Use Cached Exchange Mode > Next > Finish


Method 3 – Disable Outlook Add-ins

Add-ins are used to improve overall functionality of an application, whether it is Outlook or anything. A lot of faulty add-ins can make your application working weirdly. So, we need to disable such add-ins which can harm your Outlook or its files. Simply start Outlook in safe mode to disable those add-ins. Type Outlook/safe in Run command box in Windows. Click “Yes” if it asks “Do you want to start application in Safe Mode?”


Method 4 – Run Scanost.exe

This method is usually preferred to fix ‘OST file is in use. The file cannot be accessed” error to make OST file readable.

  • First of all, open Scanost.exe
  • Go to Mailbox>Select Repair Errors>Begin Scan
  • It will take few minutes to scan and fix the error in Repair process.

Be sure to use this method if you have Outlook 2007.


Method 5 – Using Professional Software

It is one of the most user-friendly, safe and recommended methods. You can quickly repair corrupt OST file with a professional tool. You can simply download OST Recovery Tool which is result-oriented and reliable tool. It can recover all your data from damaged or corrupt OST file. You can also save the data after recovery in another format like DBX, PST, EML, MBOX, and MSG.


You can easily use of these methods explained in this article after detecting the error with the cause. You need to fix the error ‘File Username.ost is in use and is inaccessible to keep working with emails. OST Recovery tool is the best choice for better and quick solution for OST to PST Conversion and to Open Corrupt OST file.

How to Export Exchange Mailbox to PST and import to Office 365 using MS Outlook?

You may need to migrate Exchange Mailbox to Office 365 for your organization and administrators may play a vital role in the same. In this way, end users don’t have anything to do in case of migration. In some cases, end users have to export their Exchange mailbox to Office 365. Another interesting thing is that end users don’t need any help to export their Exchange mailboxes to Office 365 without having Exchange administrators. Here’s how to do the same –

Exporting Exchange Mailbox to PST using MS Outlook

Export exchange mailbox data to PST feature is available in Outlook’s desktop versions. The steps may be different a bit in various versions of MS Outlook.

Here’s how to do it in Outlook 2016/2013

  • Go to file menu in Outlook 2016/2013 to export data to PST file and click “Open & Export” and click ‘Import/Export’ button.
  • Select Export to a file option and click Next.
  • Click next after selecting ‘Outlook Data File (.pst)’.
  • Select the folder which you want to export to new PST file and click Next.
  • Browse the destination PST file location and pick one of these options –
    • Allow creating duplicate items
    • Replace duplicate items with items exported
    • Don’t export duplicate files

These were the steps to export Exchange mailbox to PST file.

Importing Exchange Mailbox to Office365 via Outlook

Once you have done exporting Exchange server mailbox to PST, it’s time to import the same to your Outlook account which is linked with O365. Follow these steps to import PST file –

  • Select the File menu and click “Open & Export > Import/Export”
  • Select “Import from another file or program” and click Next in Import and Export wizard.
  • Click next after selecting Outlook Data File (.pst)
  • Select PST file and choose one of these options
    • Allow creating duplicates
    • Replace duplicate files with files imported
    • Don’t import duplicate files
  • Select the folder to import PST files and click Finish button.

Why Use Professional Kernel Import and Export tools?

Using professional tools like Exchange Backup and Restore is even better and more simple way to save Exchange mailbox items in PST file and restore the same into Office 365. It performs safe, quick and secure migration and sends migration report in CSV format.

Export Exchange Mailbox to PST

  • Run Exchange Backup & Restore tool and select Backup option
  • Add the source Exchange account by clicking Add button.
  • Input Exchange data like Exchange IP address/server name, password, and Exchange account. To backup one account, click the first option and then Add button.
  • Click ‘Set Filter and Migrate’ button after adding account.
  • You can choose from archive mailbox, mailbox, and public folder as source folder. Select and click Migrate.
  • Use different filters in filter selection page to the mailbox data and choose the data you require to migrate. At the end, click ‘I am ok, start migration’.
  • Click OK by providing destination folder to PST.
  • It will start migration.
  • Once migration is done, it will show you a success message. Click OK.
  • You can now save report in CSV file.

Steps to Import PST files to Office 365 Mailbox

  • Launch the program and click on Restore.
  • Click Add and choose the PST file.
  • Click on Add button in the destination.
  • Enter the credentials of your Office 365 account and click on ‘Add’ button.
  • Map the destination mailbox and source PST with drop-down menu.
  • Click the option ‘Set Filter and Migrate’.
  • Select the folder from archive mailbox, mailbox or public folder where you can save PST file and click on Migrate button.
  • Choose the filters which are most useful and click the option ‘I am OK, start migration’.
  • It will show you a success message and click ‘OK’
  • At the end, save the report to CSV and click on ‘OK’ button.

Bottom Line

With Kernel Exchange Backup and Restore software, you can export Exchange mailbox to PST file and restore the same to Office 365/Exchange as require. It is a very simple and quick method and it works in all Exchange Server versions.