How to Import PST File to IMAP Account – Easy Steps

Are you trying to import PST to IMAP account? Do not find the appropriate method for importing PST to IMAP? Read this article till the end to know the perfect solution on how to import PST file to IMAP account with easy steps.

IMAP or Internet Mail Access Protocol is one of the most popular internet standard protocol which offers facility to users to access their email messages stored on the cloud based server. At the present time, all the email clients and servers supports IMAP account, including earlier POP3 account for accessing the email messages. Using IMAP, you can access your email account from multiple devices. When you sign in to Microsoft Outlook, this email client connects to the server using IMAP.

First of all, only the header is displayed, with which you can decide which email to open. When you click on any email, only it will be downloaded and you can easily read it. IMAP is very quick and ingenious. IMAP does not transfer your email from the server to the computer, but it does synchronize the email from the server to your computer or device through which you are logged in.

Main Features of IMAP

  • Allows users to access email messages from anywhere, via as many different devices as they want
  • It allows users to download the message only when they click on it
  • Attachments of emails are not automatically downloaded via IMAP.
  • Users can check their messages much faster and have more control over which attachments are opened
  • IMAP can be used offline just like POP – you can basically take advantage of both protocols in one
  • IMAP is very fast and therefore displays all emails at once
  • If the data has been deleted from the device, it can still be backed up by the email server
  • It saves local disk/storage space

Methods to Import PST to IMAP

The IMAP protocol only supports email synchronization, and other data elements, such as calendars, contacts, tasks, notes, etc., are not stored or synchronized with the IMAP mail server. Initially, the PST file must be created for importing PST to IMAP account.

To create a PST file that contains all the data items, try the following steps mentioned below:

  • Open Microsoft Outlook and Go to the File menu
  • Now click on Open & Export option and then, select the Import/Export
  • Now, choose select Export to a file and click Next button
  • Here, select Personal Folder File(.pst) and then proceed by clicking on Next
  • Now in Export Personal Folders, check if subfolders are selected. From here, contacts and calendars will also be exported.
  • Now, here just save the exported file and click on Finish button
  • This PST file is now stored on the IMAP email server because IMAP is set as the default server type

Automatic Method to Import PST to IMAP account

Microsoft always offers solutions to problems such as PST to IMAP conversion, etc. Only the hope of these solutions can lead to terrible consequences such as data loss. Thus, you should turn to specialized utilities such as  Outlook PST Converter which assents to convert Outlook PST to IMAP server via asking IMAP account credentials for secure and reliable data transfer. This PST file converter transmits data from Outlook to IMAP, Gmail, Thunderbird, Yahoo, Hotmail, Zimbra, etc. This software supports conversion of large sized PST files to IMAP server directly so this process can be done by both technical and non-technical users. Other feature of PST File Converter includes:

  • Perfect solution for the conversion of Outlook to IMAP, Gmail, Thunderbird, Hotmail, Yahoo, Zimbra, etc.
  • Convert PST to EML, MSG, PDF, HTML, TXT, MHT, DOC, ICS, VCF, MBOX, EMLX, etc. file formats easily without facing any problem.
  • The Software to convert PST to IMAP provides freedom for selecting the destination location path to store the resultant PST files.
  • Converts multiple as well as single personal folder files data in bulk at a time to save user time and effort.
  • The software offers direct export feature to import Outlook PST to Gmail, Yahoo, Thunderbird, IMAP, Hotmail, Zimbra, etc in just a few clicks.
  • Does not creates any changes in the message formatting and attributes associated with the PST message even after completing the import PST to IMAP account process.
  • PST to IMAP Migration tool comes with appropriate file naming convention to arrange the resultant messages in different styles.
  • Provides self-intuitive and easy to use GUI to convert PST file to other multiple different file formats without any technical expertise.

Free PST converter available to evaluate the performance and capabilities of the utility software with ease and no hassle.

Outlook 2019 Not Working. Missing .ost file – Some quick fixes

Many Outlook errors are associated with OST files. According to many queries submitted on Microsoft forums, It is mainly happening in the latest version of Outlook (2019). Today we are going to discuss in this blog about a situation where a user does not able to start or run Microsoft Outlook 2019 due to “missing .ost file” error.

The Exchange account uses an offline Outlook Data File (OST) file to store a synchronized copy of your Exchange mailbox information on your local computer. This allows you to use all the data you have already downloaded, such as email, calendar data, contacts and tasks etc. whether you are connected to the server or not. You only need to connect to the server to send an email and download a new email. However, your email messages will not be sent and new messages will not be downloaded until your Internet connection is established.

Why is Outlook not able to locate the .ost file?

In case if you are working with an inaccessible Outlook data file due to the ‘ost file error’, then your first task is to find out the reasons behind the origin of these errors. However the most common causes of this error are listed below:

  • This errors may occurs due to bad network connection or Outlook configuration issues
  • You may face this errors due to unexpected shut down of your system
  • Hardware failures can be the causes for errors
  • Intervention of third-party add-ins may be the reason for this error
  • Due to the recent Office updates you may encounter error
  • This error may pop up on the screen if you have an corrupted OST file

The above issues are not the only cause of the problem you are facing. Nevertheless, you can try to solve the problem with different solutions. Let’s discuss the methods that can be used to solve the “Missing .ost file” error issues.

Check the Network Connection/Configuration Settings

First of all you need to check the server as well as the network connection, to know if there is a problem in it. Apart from this, you also have to make sure that the configuration settings are correct.

Check and Replace Hardware Connections

If a problem occurs after attaching any recent hardware, check such external hardware and remove it, if it is not vital to your system. If there is any requirement of the hardware, check its authenticity and replace it with a new one (if it is damaged or corrupted).

Remove/Disable faulty Outlook add-ins

We always think that Add-ins provides extra functionality to an application, but sometimes, this add-ins may interfere with applications such as Microsoft Outlook and its synchronization process. Therefore, it is valuable to disable or remove faulty add-ins from your Outlook application, if you’re facing any problems.

To disable faulty add-ins in Outlook, users are required to follow these steps in the following order given below.

    1. Launch the Outlook in safe modeusing‘Outlook/safe’ in the Run dialog box
    2. Select the Outlook profile to start the program even further
    3. If you see that the program is running in safe mode, then the add-ins are faulty, you need to remove or disable it.
    4. On the Outlook application interface, Click FileOptionsAdd-ins.
    5. Go to the right pane of the Outlook interface and Select COM Add-ins from the Manage drop-down menu. And click Go.
    6. In the COM Add-Ins dialog box, unselect all the add-ins checkboxes and then click OK.
    7. Exit the Microsoft Outlook 2019 application and then restart it.

Note: If the Outlook program started at the end of the final phase, it concludes that one or more add-ons were responsible for the problem, which you can track by enabling the add-ins one after one and by restarting the application as well.

Un-install Recent Updates to the Office Program

We all know that Microsoft develops frequent updates to add the latest features, services, bug fixes, etc. but these updates sometime affect the program unfavorably. Therefore, we recommend that you, to reinstall the previous version of the program if an Outlook error occurred after the last update. After installation, restart Outlook.

Repair Corrupt Outlook Data Files

As we have already mentioned, one reason for this problem may be corruption in the .ost file. In this case, you can take the help of this SCANPST.EXE utility to identify the errors in your corrupt Outlook OST data file and fix the errors effortlessly. This program is able to scan and fix errors in both Outlook data files (.ost and .pst). This can only solve issues of minor corruption errors in files limited to 2 GB.

The location of scanpst.exe depends on your version of Outlook; here we only talked about Outlook 2019.

Office 365 / Outlook 2019 / Outlook 2016 Click to Run
any Windows; C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\root\office16\
The default location of the Outlook data file is as follows –

Outlook 2010, Outlook 2013, Outlook 2016, Outlook 2019 and Office 365 
C:\Users\%username%\Documents\Outlook Files\
  • First, it is recommended that you back up your Outlook data files as a preventative measure. Users can then go to the default location and double-click the scanPST.exe to scan.
  • In the open application, just click Browse to add a .pst or .ost file to scan errors. Click Start.
  • It will start scanning the added Outlook data file. After the scan is complete you can see the error and its details
  • Then click the Repair option to fix an error in your data.
  • Exit the application once the repair is completed

Recreate OST File

This is another trick to solve the Outlook application issues related to errors. The .ost file recreation process is as follows. You can follow the below mentioned steps one by one to recreate a new OST file.

  1. Close Microsoft Outlook application
  2. Go to the Control Panel of your system, and then click Mail option
  3. Now a Mail Set-up page will open, here click on Show Profiles option
  4. Choose Exchange account profile and click Properties and then click Email Accounts tab
  5. From the Email tab, select Exchange Account and click the Change option
  6. On the Change Account page, make sure Use Cached Exchange Mode is selected. Then click the More Options option
  7. Go to the Advanced tab and click on the Offline Folder File Settings option
  8. Go to the File section and enter the .ost file path. Click OK
  9. If prompted, enter a different .ost file name and click OK
  10. Finally, click Finish and exit Mail Set-up
  11. Now you can start the Outlook application. This time you will get a new .ost file with synchronized Exchange mailboxes created automatically

We sincerely hope that the solution that we have discussed above can help you to fix the problem related to MS Outlook 2019. And you can be able to access Exchange mailboxes in Outlook using OST file without facing any errors.

In case, this methods fails, we would like to recommend you a specialized tool named as –  OST to PST Converter tool that effortlessly repairs users OST files which are highly corrupted. It is capable enough to recover specific data from OST mailboxes to PST file format without hassle and allows you to import it into Outlook at any time. This is definitely the best way to recover and repair OST data files. Therefore, try this effective and reliable software as your final solution.

How to successfully migrate files from thunderbird to office 365?

Migrating Thunderbird emails to Office 365 is not an easy task. Thus, different organizations adopt different approaches to execute Thunderbird to Office 365 migration. Any organization that needs it usually needs to move millions of bulk mailboxes from one platform to another. In addition to the obstacles and risks, format incompatibility plays an important factor between source and destination platform. If your organization looking for a perfect solution for exporting MBOX to Office 365, then you are at right place, this blog is for you.

Here in this blog, we will briefly talk about the manual solution to export MBOX to Office 365. Before we move on to the various solutions for importing an MBOX file into an Office 365 account, let’s briefly discuss the main reasons behind this migration process.

Why you wish to migrate Thunderbird to Office 365?

Here we have mentioned some reasons due to which users want to move from Thunderbird to Microsoft Office 365:

  • As Office 365 is entirely cloud-based, you can access emails, files and Office programs from any location on any device.
  • With Office 365, it’s Microsoft taking on all of the responsibility for security and reliability
  • Provides added features of data share, storage, communication, and collaboration
  • Offers Office applications too such as Word, Excel, Access, Skype, Exchange Server, etc to work online
  • Users can store their password in the system tray of their machine to avoid having to repeatedly sign in
  • Office 365 lets you share mailboxes, calendars, contacts and edit documents in real time through collaborative tools
  • Offers Office suite application at reasonable price like – Exchange online server and Office 365 Mail

Methods to Migrate Thunderbird Email To Office 365

Here are some most widely used manual methods for performing the migration of Thunderbird mailbox information to the Microsoft Office 365 account. Let’s discuss those briefly below:

Method 1: Import MBOX Files to Office 365

The manual procedure you must adopt to migrate the Thunderbird MBOX file to Office 365 is divided into two steps. To complete this migration process, you must first save the Thunderbird email on your Windows PC and then import it into EML files. There are some quick steps to cover these steps:

Step 1: Save Thunderbird Email to Windows PC

  • First of all you are required to create a new folder in Desktop
  • After that open the Thunderbird application on the system
  • Now, open the message folders where the emails need to be moved from Thunderbird to MS Outlook are saved.
  • Now select all messages and then right click on the message; click on save as option
  • At last you need to browse the desktop folder and save the emails there.

Step 2: Import EML to Office 365

  • Now open the Outlook email application
  • Now, visit the folder in Outlook where the Thunderbird messages will be saved
  • Or, select the Folder tab and select the New Folder option
  • A “Create New folder” dialogue box will appear, set a name for the new folder
  • Next, just click on the OK button to migrate Thunderbird email to Office 365
  • Now, you can see this folder on the left panel of the email application
  • After that, click on the Folder to open its content on the center panel
  • Now you need to drag all the messages from the Desktop folder to this folder in Outlook
  • Finally, your data is migrated successfully

Method 2: Forward as Attachments

  • Now open Mozilla Thunderbird on your Window computer
  • Now you have to select messages that needed to be imported into O365 account from Thunderbird
  • Once you select them, right click on them and select Forward as Attachment
  • Now a new email window will open in which emails with be added as EML attachments
  • Here, you are required to enter the email ID to migrate MBOX to Office 365
  • After that you have to click on the Send button
  • And as soon as the process is finished, you can view the Thunderbird emails on Office 365 Mail App

Check the migration process by logging in to O365 and opening each email through your browser in EML format.

Limitations of Migrating Thunderbird Email to Office 365 Manually

  • Restricted to just a few emails → The Thunderbird email to Exchange online export process does not involve the migration of a complete email folder containing more than 500 emails. It can only allow migration of a few important conversations.
  • Long process → Its process is long as well as complex that took lot of time of users while moving each email at a time to their desktop and then to Outlook.
  • Time consuming → The manual method is a very time consuming process to send hundreds of Thunderbird messages in Office 365 with large attachments.
  • Data integrity → Often the email format or SMTP title changes when sending an email using manual solution.

Method 3 Professional Approach to migrate MBOX files to Office 365

The method that we have recently discussed above, would not be suitable in any case for migrating MBOX file with huge amount of emails, attachments, contacts, etc into the Office 365 account. Therefore, it may prove best for you to rely on professional software, which specializes in exporting Thunderbird mailbox data to Office 365. You can easily overcome all the shortcomings of manual methods by using third party tools. You can use the MBOX to Office 365 Migrator utility to make this migration process easier.


In this post you will find a long and tedious manual way, which is used to transfer multiple mailboxes. In this post, the reasons for making the whole task very easy for administrators are also discussed. But as you can see there are some drawbacks in manual methods and there is also a possibility of database loss. Therefore, I would advise you to use a third-party tool to transfer Thunderbird to Office 365.

How to Import OST to Account? – Solved

You want to import your OST to I think your answer will be yes, as nowadays most users want to transfer their OST emails to directly. Unfortunately, they are not getting any reliable solution. So in this article I am going to discuss the most straight forward technique so that you will be able to easily import your OST files directly into after the completion of this article. So let’s we start it.

Why to export OST Files data to

Nowadays, most of the users are moving towards cloud based email services because it can be accessed anytime from anywhere globally. Most users know about the OST file (Offline Storage Table) as a file format used by Microsoft Outlook to store data, which is a desktop based email client. On the other hand if we talk about which is a cloud based email client and provides greatest features with latest security which has more in demands nowadays.

There is no official technique to export OST data to, that’s why lots of users prefer alternative solution a tool name OST to PST Converter software. This software is well designed to convert all emails as well as email items from OST file to without any data loss. Moreover, you can also export OST file to Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Office 365, G-Suite, accounts as well. This software is all in one migration tool that offers a great and proficient way with many user-oriented features.

Steps to Import OST to are as follows:-

Done! Yes, no needs to install Outlook or even no manual tricks are required at all. This way you can easily upload an Outlook OST file to an OWA account.

Along with the self-explanatory users interface, the software has numerous useful functions. In which some of the features we have listed below.

  • Allows complete conversion of  OST to PST, PDF, EML and 15+ file formats
  • Use selective folder option to convert desired OST files within few steps
  • Keeps Mailbox folder hierarchy and key elements intact throughout the process
  • Offers fully free trial version & allows to upload 25 items for FREE
  • Support OST file of all MS Outlook version


This is the most reliable and outstanding method that we have discussed so far to migrate OST file to if you still have any type of doubt then you can try the free trial version of this software which you will found on its official site at absolutely free of cost. It will help you in understanding the tool capacity and functions briefly in a better way. Trust me this one of the best solution that will minimize your manual efforts and helps in saving your precious time as well.

How to Convert files from OLM to PST Manually?

This is a detailed blog on manual method to Convert OLM to PST (Outlook for Mac to Outlook for Windows) for free. In last we will also discuss the right way to convert email messages and other data from OLM file to Outlook PST file format. But, before that lets we talk about both application – Outlook for Mac and Outlook for Windows.

Microsoft provides two powerful email applications, which are having good reputation in the email communication market. There are two types of users in the market, one of which uses Outlook for Mac and the other Outlook for Windows. Both these applications have the same difference – their file format in which all data is stored. MS Outlook for Windows stores all its data in PST format (Personal Storage Table).

Whereas, Outlook for Mac uses OLM file format to store all its important data. Always keep in mind that you cannot open your OLM file in Windows Outlook because it only supports PST OR MSG file format. But, if you need to open it in Outlook Window then you are required to migrate your OLM data to PST file format.

Here is the step by step guide to Convert OLM to PST file.

Step 1:  Generate an IMAP account using Gmail account

First of all, you need to open a Gmail account

OLM to PST Converter Manually


On right hand side of your Gmail account, you will see Gear icon just Click on that.

Convert OLM to Outlook PST File Manually


Now you click on the settings button

Steps to Convert OLM to Outlook PST file Manually


After Clicking Settings button then Click on Forwarding and POP / IMAP tab

Export OLM Emails to PST file Manually


Now you have to check the IMAP access status. If the status is disabled then you need to enable it.

Manual Guide to Convert OLM to Outlook PST file


Step 2: Add IMAP mail account to Outlook for Mac

  • Now, you have to first open your Outlook for Mac.
  • Go to the Menu and click on the Tools option from where you need to select the Accounts option.
  • Now, you are required to click on Email option. Here, it will ask you to enter an email address, password and other information in the vacant place, fill all the details carefully. After that, click on Add Account option.
  • You need to check the IMAP mail account, once the above process gets completed.

Step 3: Create a Label in Gmail

Now again you have to open your Gmail And move to the Gear icon on right hand side of your Gmail account. Now, hit on the Settings button.

Export OLM Emails to Outlook PST file

Under the Settings tab, you need to click on Labels.

Helping Guide to Convert OLM to Outlook PST file


Here, you are required click on Create New Label from the level list displayed in front of you. Also, you need to click on the checkbox of IMAP.

OLM to PST Conversion Manually


Successfully after reaching this step, you are required to move to your Mac Outlook and just click onSend/Receive


Step 4: Move or transferred emails from Mac Outlook to IMAP mailbox.

  • First, you open Outlook for Mac,
  • Then, right-click on the mailbox data that you want to convert to Windows Outlook.
  • Now, you have to select Move option as well as Copy to Folder option.
  • Here, you just mention name of your IMAP folder and click on Copy.
  • Now you can update your mailbox by refreshing the Gmail folder, or click on send / received option.

Now, all mailbox data you copied is already has been synced to IMAP mailbox folders.

Major Drawbacks of Manual Method are:-

  • Users have to pay a lot of attention while using the manual method, because even a small mismatch can corrupt your data, or you can lose data.
  • Manual process takes a lot of time and not only this; you must have sound technical knowledge to run this process.
  • This method is not so effective for corrupted OLM files of users.

Professional OLM to PST Converter

Till now we have done a lot of discussion about manual method and we have learned a lot about it. We have to pay a lot of attention while using the manual method, because if we do not do this then we can lose all our data. So if you listen to us, then we would recommend you to convert your Mac OLM file to Outlook PST format with the use of OLM to PST Converter tool. This is the most reliable tool that successfully converts your OLM data to PST file format without manipulating any data formatting and structure. Go thorugh Free version to Convert OLM files.

How to Export Offline Data from Exchange Server (OST) to MS Outlook (PST) File

Now a day’s many users need to convert their information from Microsoft Exchange files (.ost) into Microsoft Outlook files (.pst). But it is hard to get the right solution to import files offline from OST to PST.

Methods to convert files from OST to PST format

Migrate / Export Exchange Server Offline Data (OST) to Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013 & 2007

First Method: Using Import / Export wizard in MS Outlook

This MS Outlook Import / Export wizard is very helpful for you while exporting your data from OST to PST format offline. It also allows you to save your exported data in CSV and Excel file format. Follow the mentioned steps below to export or save your files offline:

  1. Open Outlook
  2. Go to the File tab and click on Open and Export option.
  3. Click Import / Export option in the opened window.
  4. Select option ‘Export to a file’ then click on Next.
  5. In opened Window select Outlook Data File (.pst) from the option ‘Create a file of type’ then click on Next.
  6. In the new dialog box that appears, choose a folder to export from and also check ‘Include subfolders’ box and click on Next.
  7. In next dialog box, click on browse to save PST exported file at your desired location and click on Finish.

Note: If the user is connected to the Exchange server then only this method works.

Second Method: Archiving

The archive is also another interesting feature in Microsoft Outlook that you can use to export your emails to PST file. However, you can export your mailbox data but unable to export contacts. Follow the steps involved in this method below:

  1. Open MS Outlook.
  2. Click on File menu that appears option in the left side and your account information. Now Click on Cleanup Tools and select Archive option.
  3. When Archive dialog box open, you need to check the ‘Archive this folder and subfolders’ option. And choose the folder where you want to move to PST file. Choose ‘Archive items older than’ dialog box choose a date from the menu and click on OK. All inbox data that were received till the date provided by you will be archived automatically.

Note: It allows you to export your all OST files to PST file format except Contacts.

Third Method: Drag & Drop your mailbox to new PST file

This option you can also use to move mailbox data from OST to PST file. To do this, follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. First of all open MS Outlook.
  2. Open new PST file (Blank) in Outlook.
  3. Drag & drop your mail folders in the new blank PST file which you want to export from OST to PST file.

Note: In this method, you cannot drag Inbox, Contacts, and other default folders into a .pst file. So, you need to copy all these folders from OST to PST file.

Fourth Method: Using OST Conversion Tool

Using OST Converter tool is one of the easiest ways to convert OST items into PST file. If due to some reason manual methods are not working or you are unable to do manually you can use this OST to PST Conversion tools. With this, you can convert password protected as well as compact OST files. Using Tools is a short and sweet method no needs to follow a lengthy process to convert OST files to PST files.

If you use this Conversion Tool, then you don’t need to do anything just download this tool and install in your system and the rest process will be done automatically. This software is easy to use even non-technical user can also use it without any problem. And no need for any kind of help from anyone.

Best Way to Convert EDB file to PST format

EDB to PST Converter tool

EDB to PST Converter Tool can retrieve data from Exchange EDB file after that convert EDB data into Outlook PST file. EDB to PST Conversion Software converts Exchange EDB files into PST files and extracts all the email objects without changing original structure.

EDB to PST conversion Software is an excellent conversion tool that proficiently open EDB mailbox data and convert it into Outlook PST Data for further usage. This EDB to PST converter tool can successfully re-connect EDB to Outlook PST and divide overload recovered PST data into Small PST files.

This edb migration tool has good capacity to make simple recovery of harmed or inaccessible Exchange database into personal storage data. This software safely restore your deleted data from exchange server edb files and convert your corrupt edb to outlook pst format. It is compatible to MS Office (both 32 bit and 64 bit) to convert EDB Database.

Key features:

  1. Migrate offline EDB files to PST, Live Exchange Server and Office 365 platform
  2. Saves converted emails into EML, MSG, RTF, PDF, & HTML formats
  3. Easy to repair corrupt or inaccessible edb file
  4. Migrate mailbox from live exchange server to another exchange server
  5. Allow user to convert single as well as multiple EDB files into PST
  6. Extract Exchange EDB mailboxes to accessible PST files
  7. Save 25 items/folder to Live Exchange for free – using the trial version
  8. Supports MS Exchange 5.5, 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 and 2019
  9. Selective EDB-PST Conversion

This tool enables users to convert either multiple, any one or all the user mailboxes of Microsoft Exchange Server, whether online or offline. In online mode, you can connect to all user mailboxes or any specific mailbox on the server. From the list of mailboxes, check mark the targeted mailbox and save the same into PST file format in offline mode.

How Exchange EDB to PST Converter works?

This tool repairs the corrupt EDB file and recovers user mailboxes from it. The tool extensively scans and repairs the corrupt EDB file along with the corrupted, damaged, virus attacked or accidentally deleted existing user mailboxes. It enables user to select the mailbox to recover emails and other items in it to recover. This software is effective to repair and recover items like emails, contacts, attachments, journals, and permanently deleted mails, notes, sent items, drafted mails, appointments, alarms and schedules.

Recovers EDB Mailboxes That are Accidentally Lost:

If your MS Exchanges goes offline and you wish to get back mailboxes which are accidentally lost, it allows you recover the deleted or lost mailboxes with Exchange EDB to PST converter in offline conversion mode. In case your Exchange Server goes offline and you like to recover mailbox which is accidentally deleted, then the deleted mailbox can be restores easily with Our EDB to PST converted in offline mode. You may choose the deleted mailbox items and store them in PST. Later on, you can synchronize it again with Microsoft Exchange Server.

System Requirements:
  1. Microsoft Exchange 2019,  2016, 2013, 2010, 5.5, 2007, 2000 and 2003
  2. Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, Windows Xp, Win Server 2003, Server 2008
  3. MS Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2003, 2007 and 2000

OLM to Outlook PST Converter Tool

Free OLM to Outlook PST Converter

OLM to Outlook PST Converter Software perform this task effortlessly with lots of favorable eminence aspects. This reliable OLM to PST Software can easily transfer all OLM data into Outlook PST,including emails, contacts and calendars of Outlook for OLM files to MS Outlook PST format.

This tool easy to migrate all mail components from OLM, such as the inbox, Contacts,calendars, Notes, Tasks and etc. It also recover the damage or corrupted OLM files and saves them into the emails in PST, MSG and EML file format. OLM to PST  migration Tool exports hierarchical OLM structure into PST file and make it readable. This tool able to save the OLM email contents  into the different formats. It shows all the listed items shows in a tree structure. Allow to takes the views of all the email items.
This Migration Software can easily convert a large OLM Files format into Outlook PST Data without any troubles. This OLM Converter tool is too effective as it is one of the most recommended Software for migrating OLM data to PST data, With OLM to PST Conversion Software, you can efficiently keep corruption, errors and inaccessibility issues with OLM formats.

Key Features: OLM to PST Software

1) Easiest way to convert OLM file to Outlook PST file in just few clicks.

2) Convert all the element of OLM Emails to Outlook PST Platform.

3) Allow user to save converted emails into PST, MSG and EML file format.

4) Have option to Save emails into Office 365, PDF, HTML and RTF file Format.

5) Show the preview of all convertible emails in preview item before saving.

6) Compatible with all MS Outlook versions 2016, 2013, 2010 and 2007 for Windows.

7) Displays Summary of the Recovery Process.

8) Preview of All Recoverable Mail Objects.

9) Save and Import Recovered Files.

10) GUI Interface.

Complete Mailbox Conversion:-

OLM to PST Converter completely converts all the mailbox objects like Contacts, Inbox, Calendars, Notes, and Tasks from OLM files of Outlook for Mac to the PST files of MS outlook. It keeps the mail settings, hierarchy, and their content intact and unchanged during the conversion. In the Tech version, you can find a lot of saving options like HTML, Office 365, PDF, and RTF formats. In this version, you can directly save OLM into Office 365.

Find OLM MAilbox:-

With This OLM migration tool, you can use features like “Select Mailbox” and “Find Mailbox” to search or locate the OLM file in your PC. With the help of “Search Mailbox” option, several OLM files are scattered and saved and you know where they are saved. The tool can search all the OLM files and they are listed in the main interface from where you can choose the one you want to convert.

Shows Preview of Converted Email:-

You can see the preview of all the mail objects like contacts, tasks, calendars, notes etc. and all emails after conversion. In the left pane of the tool, you can find the list of OLM files and all the mail components in 3-Pane view. The right pane lists the information of the file you choose.

System Requirements:

MS Outlook  2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003 or earlier.

Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, Xp, 2003 or 2000.


How to Migrate OST files to Outlook PST Files?

OST to PST Converter Tool to Repair inaccessible OST data and recover all objects of OST format along with contacts, messages, draft, task, emails with attachments, notes, tasks, calendars items, and journals etc and convert into New PST formats. OST Data Move every extracted data from OST to Outlook PST File in accurate messages formats. For doing so it has different recovery modes like standard mode, advanced mode, and deep mode. One of the Perfect OST to PST conversion Tool to recover any corrupted OST Data.

With the help of this OST to PST Conversion Software users safely retrieve their permanently deleted OST data into cloud-based application Office365 and live Exchange server. OST Converter Tool that quickly recover emails from OST Data and convert OST to PST format. This Converter Tool is available for converting and recovering corrupted MS Exchange OST file database. Advanced tool for ost to pst and few more other file extensions of Outlook and Windows versions. Use For overcome in this grave situation you should use OST to PST Converter Tool to instantly recover OST file data with its all attachments into PST, MSG, EML and HTML file formats.


  1. Convert OST to PST in Just few Steps
  2. Show Preview of Converted Emails in Trial Version
  3. No restriction on file size
  4. Easily arranges all the scanned messages based on To, From, Date, Subject, Attachment, Type and Importance
  5. Shows preview of messages in 3-pane view after conversion
  6. Saves converted emails as EML, MSG, RTF, PDF and HTML format
  7. Conversion of contacts, emails, calendar entries and journals
  8. Easily arranges all the scanned messages based on To, From, Date, Subject, Attachment, Type and Importance
  9. Supports MS Office 2000, 2002 (XP), 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 and 2019 (both 32 bit and 64 bit)
  10. Compatible with MS Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002, and 2000.

Why Use OST to PST Converter?

MS Outlook is a marvelous email client which is designed according to the needs of organizations and to fulfill all the needs of communication. It gives users with the privilege to work offline and it saves all the processes in OST files. When Exchange Server and Outlook come back in identical state, all the OST emails can be mounted. There are some circumstances occur when your important data in OST files can get corrupt. This is the situation you need OST to Outlook PST Converter.

Sophisticated Algorithm & Interactive GUI

OST to PST Converter is developed with cutting-edge methodology which ensures feasible recovery of inaccessible OST files and exports the whole data into PST file format. This professional tool repair the corrupt OST file and forms it in importable PST file. It now comes with enhanced and amazing functionality. It thoroughly scans the OST files and converts them into PST, EML, MSG, OST, HTML, RTF, and PST file formats.

On one hand it is very efficient to export OST files into PST, it gives users with the option to choose ideal format for conversion on the other side. In order to recover OST files, it has no limitation for size and it can repair OST files of unlimited size and gets the data to PST. With this conversion utility, you can remove all the corruption issues and extract OST files in ideal way.

How to Extract Data from Corrupt OST File with OST Recovery tool?

This explicit OST Recovery tool first performs deep scan of all your email items and convert it into PST format which is easily accessible by MS Outlook. In this way, you can always stay connected with your clients, stakeholders and your corporate unit. If you want to buy this tool, we recommend you to get started with free trial version to measure its capabilities and then you can buy this tool to keep with you forever. In free trial version you are eligible to see the preview of repaired or converted OST Emails.

Functionality to Find, Save and View

Once the scanning and emails and various data are given in preview pane, you can view, find, and save a lot of emails according to criteria, like To, From, Date Field, or Subject. When you click the link of ‘Find Message’ you will find a lot of results.

When you enter your details and to choose the date filed, check mark the message. When you have given all the details, you can click ‘Search Now’ and then the tool will give you the list of all mails as per the details given. Right click the messages and options will be given to you, like ‘save as EML’, ‘Save as MSG’, ‘Save as HTML’, ‘Save as RTF’ etc.

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