How to Rebuild QuickBooks Data File to Fix the Corruption?

QuickBooks, a bookkeeping program built for the SME sector, is error-free and user-centric. The two most popular built-in utilities offered by the program are Verify Data and Data Recovery. The former identifies the database in many cases, while the latter solves data integrity issues found in the Verify Data program.

One of the most common reasons that force users to use “verify” and “rebuild” software is that, there are several errors occur when users use QuickBooks desktop and any problems found in accounts, such as bills or invoices, with negative values. Other reasons for requesting a QuickBooks data file recovery are:

  • Deposit payments are shown in the Deposit Payments section
  • When not all accounts appear in the balance sheet accounts
  • When data is checked, the file is accessed without error
  • Transactions in the window are not lost or displayed incorrectly
  • When names was missing from the lists

Procedure to Rebuild QuickBooks Data File Documents

You will find the procedure of this rebuild QuickBooks data file quite simple and straight forward, so follow it steps one by one as mentioned below:

  1. Open QuickBooks; click on File
  2. Now click on Utilities; select Rebuild Data
  3. In case program displays a warning message for back up file, click on OK
  4. The program then shows that the recovery is complete, click OK.
  5. Finally run Verify Data to check for remaining data corruption


If the program displays a ‘QuickBooks not responding’ message, hover over the mouse pointer and wait for the data rebuild process to complete.

If the verification operation failed, try to repeat the process until the application confirms the file for persistent messages.

Although there are several procedures for rebuilding a QuickBooks data file, you can reduce the risk of corruption by using a few manual techniques.

Specify File Volume to Reduce Corruption Risk

Generally the huge size of QuickBooks file greatly contributes to corruption, but it is not always necessary to corrupt only large files. It can be said that larger the file size, the greater the risk of corruption. Thus, it is advisable to continuously monitor the file size and bring it under control.

Monitor and Reduce Database Fragments

Fragmented data files can affect the performance of your database server. Therefore, reducing disk fragmentation becomes more important as the size of your database increases. The number of database fragments can be monitored in the product information window. If the database contains 10 or more data fragments, you can follow the given procedure to reduce the fragments easily.

  1. Resort List: Use the resort list option in the list menu. Re-sort through list titles will not put the same reorganization effect on the file.

Note: Some lists may not show selection of Resort List

  1. Rebuild File: After re-sorting the company file, you can use the QuickBooks Data File Rebuild program according to the procedure outlined in the blog section. Recover QuickBooks Data Files Data utility can also be used to fix the corruption risks.
  2. Create Portable Company File: Create a portable company file is one of the most ideal solution to reduce database fragments and then renovate the Portable Company file to re-index the database.
  3. Running Windows Defragmentation Utility: Hard disk fragmentation level may be affected by accounting application database fragmentation level; therefore, you can now run the Windows Defragmenter utility on the hard disk where the program file is stored.

General Network Issues & Maintenance

In a multi-user environment, an incorrect configured router can affect the performance of QuickBooks that may increase the corruption issues as well. If a network outage is caused by an incorrect server configuration or misuse of hardware components, the QuickBooks data file may become corrupt.

QuickBooks data files corruption can occur if there is someone on the network or a combination of issues:

  • Any connection problems exist with routers
  • Any Operating System problems
  • Hardware or network driver problems stick with workstation network adapters

Corruption due to Transaction(s):

If the corruption is associated with one or mare transaction in the QuickBooks data file, you can try to fix the problem by first deleting it and then re-entering the transaction. To create a specific transaction that creates a problem, it is advisable to search for the record document number, then delete and re-enter the transaction.

QuickBooks database file may be corrupted due to the inconsistencies in the balances. If any imbalance is found in the file, even after performing the above methods, then you can go for an alternative solution to repair the problem.

Points to Consider:

  1. If in case the QuickBooks rebuild utility fails or unable to recover damaged database, it is advisable to use another recovery method for this task.
  2. If you cannot find the error stored in the QuickBooks file, the finest way to solve the problem is to restore it from the backup system.
  3. Make sure no overwriting is done in the existing company file. Any additional information is included after the last backup system must be entered manually after the successful recovery function.

What to do when Manual QuickBooks Rebuild Fails

QuickBooks repair tool supports recovery from all forms of corruption in the app and helps users to retrieve information related to business such as – employees, suppliers, services, users, etc. To test the amazing repair features of these QBW files repair tool, click the Download button:

Several benefits are offered by the QuickBooks file repair tool, which are as follows:

  1. This software helps to recover all components of the QuickBooks database file, including checks and payroll transactions.
  2. The QuickBooks repair software supports the recovery of multiple currencies
  3. The software preview all the recoverable components before starting the actual recovery process
  4. Grants the complete successful recovery of Items and Services, job information of customers, transaction information of customers, chart of accounts, job information of the vendors, and much more.
  5. QuickBooks file can be selected from any user-defined location to perform a recovery operation. If the location of the QuickBooks data file is unknown, the tool allows you to search and locate it from the toolbar.
  6. Whenever a repair is performed, it saves the log report corresponding to each and every task performed, which can be used for future reference
  7. It supports QuickBooks 2020 and all lower versions
  8. Compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, Server 2003 & 2000.

Therefore, with the above manual and alternative methods for rebuild the QuickBooks data file, you can be a savior in detecting serious corruption in your QBW file. Do not wait just try and let us know the feedback!

Compact and Repair failed! How to Recover Access Database?

If you’ve used the Access database, then you know that MS Access is one of the best database management applications from Microsoft. MS Access is usually used by various corporate sectors, businesses, etc. who store large amount of their data and manage these data on regular basis.

Just like Microsoft’s other applications, MS Access database files are often plagued by some errors and corruption issues. Generally these errors arise due to many different reasons, which can cause threats to the extremely important data present in them. It is very difficult to remove corruption of data, once it has occurred. Therefore, we suggest you to make attempt to avoid such corruption of Microsoft Access database.

Some of Access Database Errors, which you can see:

  • It often happens that one or more users work on a given database, due to which the performance efficiency of the Access database reduces, because it already have user’s limitations. This may cause corruption for database.
  • If you leave a problem unattended in the coding of the database, it can lead to overall inefficiency or design of the database, which could result in a possible database corruption as a result of a fault in the coding and structure of the database.
  • Access databases may also get corrupted, if it’s become a target of a malware or malicious user, who has the intention to harm the organization by causing corruption in the databases. These types of corruption can be very harmful because it makes the data irrecoverable.
  • If a user is modifying the data in the Accdb file and the unreliable Internet connectivity get interrupted at that time, the database is marked “corrupted” in that situation.

Use Compact and Repair Utility

If you want to fix or avoid generation of excess wasted space (which corrupts the database) in quick time, then you need to use the Compact and Repair utility, which helps compact the database, so that wasted space is eliminated; and it can repair corrupt access database. The compact utility restructures the table records as well as the objects that remove the space that was ruined. In addition, it is capable enough to update the table statistics so that the database characteristics of the restructured data could be reflected.

So, far we have seen above how utility helps us. However, many a times, you will encounter a “compact and repair failed” error. At that point you will wonder how it happened and how you can correct this error. Since it is best to repair Microsoft Access database with third party application which proves to be beneficial at the time when there is no any other option is available.

This is the best possible way to repair corrupt Access database. This utility also helps, if you have faced with the error mentioned above. This software helps you in following manner as mentioned below:

  • It is functional for all types of access files, whether they are corrupt, damaged, or password-protected MDB or even ACCDB files.
  • It performs detailed scanning in two modes to detect low- or high-level corruption, Like, Standard Mode and Template Mode.
  • It works on all versions of MS Access Database as well as Windows OS.

Professional Tool for Access Database Repair

Just follow the detailed steps to repair the file given below:

Use Standard mode (when corruption level is low):

Open the software, click ‘Select’ to select the file.
Recover Access Database Files

Then click ‘Repair File’ to proceed.

See the recovered files and then click on the content or all of the content. Then press ‘Save’ button.
Repair inaccessible Access Database

A New Window will open on the screen. Now select the saving destination where you want to save the file; then click ‘Save’.
MS Access Database Recovery Tool

Now you will see the following information appears on the screen:
Restore inaccessible MS Access Database Files

You just need to click on the link to search the repaired file.

Note: all these above information are for Standard Mode, as you can use it if there is low-level corruption. In the case of high-level corruption, you need to use Template Mode.

MS Access Database Recovery Tool to Repair Corrupt MDB Files

MS Access recovery software is the Powerful and best recovery software in the market to repair corrupt and damaged .ACCDB and .MDB files. Access database repair tool will help you in repairing the several corrupt access database file and restore all the files objects in new MDB file. Evenly software also restore the records that have been previously deleted from access database.

This Software is completely secure & easy access database recovery utility designed to repair corrupt Access database (.mdb files). Access file recovery software scan the corrupt or inaccessible access database file and create the new files so that the user can working with this new file (.MDB). Access Repairing Tool is embedded with the powerful data recovery algorithm.

Our aim is to provide the software user friendly and accurate results. And software fully capable to restore or recover MDB file objects such as tables, queries, relationship etc. This Access Recovery Software is integrated with GUI interface and Anyone can use this application easily. There is no technical skill is required to access this application.

Key Features: Repair MS Access Database

1) Restore table structure and data from corrupt Ms Access database
2) Restore and Repair all multiple Access data in original date format
3) Repair password protected .mdb files
4) Repair and Restores memo and OLE data
5) Restores table relationships
6) Preview the recovered items before saving them into your computer
7) User friendly interface, no technical skills required
8) Supports Windows OS versions (98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, 2003, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10
9) Preview database tables column info, relations, and indexes
10) Supports MS Access 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002, and 2000

Why Use Access File Recovery?

Are you suffering From the damaged, inaccessible or corrupt .mdb or.accdb database files? There are several unexpected reasons to corrupt these files like virus attack, Software crash and suddenly Shutdown of PC , corruption in storage drive and even more. when your access damaged or corrupt ACCDB and MDB files , you may face some errors like:-

1.   Database format not recognized.
2.  Database is not a database files or needs recovery.
3.  MS jet engine failed to locate the database object.

In order to combat and fix these issues, Access File Recovery is compatible software which prominently repairs and rebuilds both ACCDB and MDB files without losing its accuracy.

All Corruption Errors Recovered:

There are several errors occurred in MS Access. This access repair tool can cover all the usual corruption errors like file.mdb needs recovery or not recognized as database file, Microsoft Jet cannot find database objects and even more.

All Access Database Objects Supported:

With this software, you can have high scalability as it provides support to all the objects of Access database like Tables, Forms, Deleted Records, Indexes, Macros, Linked Tables, Modules and more. By having this tool handy, you can enjoy complete recovery of Access database files.

Data Loss Reason – Repair Access Database

1.   Unrecognized Database Format
2.   File damaged with error message ‘Invalid Page 3.   Fault’ when opening the mdb file.
4.  Microsoft Jet Engine unable to open the mdb file
5.   Improper System Shutdown or Software Crash
6.   Enter database password – even though none was set up
7.   MS Access has encountered a trouble and wants to be close
8.   Improper splitting of database
9.   Operating system damage
10.  Human Mistake
11.   Virus Attack

Two Recovery Modes of Access Data Recovery

  1.  Standard Mode        2.   Advanced Mode

Manual Tips to Repair Corrupt or inaccessible VHD Files

Many of the time your VHD files gets corrupted from some of reasons then you need to repair  VHD files as well as store in the virtual machine files. In this blog we will learn how to repair corrupt VHD files and store VHD files. But firstly you have to know about the VHD files that how its work and what is their features and functions too.

VHD is a file format which stands for the Virtual Hard Disk which represents in a virtual hard disk drive (HDD). This VHD file folders normally use as a hard disk of a virtual machine. The VHD allows several operating systems to exist in a single host machine. VHD files are created with several tools which provide the facility to create virtual machine such as like Ms Hyper-V, MsVirtual PC, Ms Virtual Server, Oracle VirtualBox, Sun VirtualBox, SunxVM VirtualBox, Innotek VirtualBox, Citrix Virtual Server, Citrix XenDesktop, Citrix XenServer, etc.

While you are working on your computer then all data will be stored in the virtual hard disk but for a time the virtual machine file has been corrupted by some reason such as virus attack, power failure, and abrupt shutdown of the system, hardware and software failure and so on. When your VHD files gets damage and corrupted, then you need to get rid this problem.

Manual method to Recover VHD files

These are some Powershell Commands to Repair Corrupt or Damaged VHD files

1. This Command is used to scan corrupt images

Command: Dism /Online /Clean-Image /CheckHealth
Description: This command scans the file completely to check for corruption.

2. This Command for checking an image for corruption

Command: Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /ScanHealth
Description: This command will check whether the image file is corrupted or not and will specify whether it can be repaired or not.

3. Command for repairing and restoring from corruption

Command: Dism /Online /Clean-Image /RestoreHealth
Description: This command will automatically perform the repair if it finds corruption.

VHD File recovery Tool

Note that this manual method needs to a technical knowledge in a person because it need for well execution in this process and having knowledge for this procedure.

Here is another method too, it is relates to the third party tools. The user can use the desire VHD File Recovery software for recovery of VHD files. But first use manual method and try at once, if you are not satisfied with this result. Because manual method is a time consuming and have a lengthy process too.

Common and Worst Reasons of Hard Drive Failure

Whenever hard drive failure takes place, we mostly get panic and wondering how to fix it? Believe it or not – it is not easy to fix hard drive failure. As a result, lost data is very hard to get back. Hence, we need to look for professional services for hard drive repair.  When recovering data yourself works in some cases (including recovery of some deleted files), if you don’t know what to do, you may do more harm than good to your hard drive and ruin the likelihood of successful recovery.

There are different reasons behind the failure of hard drives and each of them has their own contributing factors. Here are some of the most common signs that can cause hard drive failure –

Physical Damage

Shock, heat, and water all are the biggest enemies to your external and internal hard drives. Both water and heat may lead to serious physical damage to the circuits in your hard drive that are not capable to withstand any element. These drives are not shock resistant. So, even a small drop or any physical impact can cause huge damage to the mechanical parts of the hard drive. Most often, head crash is caused due to hard drive shock. It takes place when its read/write head comes into contact with magnetic platter, scratch the surface, and cause data loss which is sometimes irrecoverable.

Warning Signs

  • Improper ventilation causes overheating and hard drive failure eventually. Be sure that the fan in your computer (usually on the rear or bottom of the machine) is not blocked for proper ventilation.
  • Your PC also shouldn’t be too hot to touch.
  • Shock and water damage are also difficult to avoid. It happens all of a sudden without warning. Take proper care of your PC to avoid these risks.

Logical Failure

It occurs when hard drive’s software or file structure is damaged, instead of actual hardware. It is a non-physical damage. There are several factors responsible for logical failure, such as human error, virus attack, corrupted files etc. The failure is, sometimes, so huge that systems won’t boot. In several cases, hard disk recovery service comes to the rescue to recover all data as drive’s hardware is safe.

Warning Signs

When you come across these signs, it is best to backup your data, if you don’t have one. If there is no other way to access data, look for a hard drive recovery service.

  • Disk errors
  • Disappearing data
  • Sluggish performance of your system
  • Annoying ‘blue screen’
  • Computer crashes

Mechanical Failure

A computer has only a few mechanical parts and your hard drive is one of them. Basically, most components are electrical. Hence, it may inevitably fail at any time. When any component like read/write head goes faulty due to normal wear and tear, such kind of failure takes place.

Warning Signs

Watch out for strange noises like clicking, grinding, or screeching. These are the common signs of mechanical failure. Like logical drive failure, frequent freezing and computer crashes may often occur.


With little planning and some common sense, you can easily deal with most of the reasons of hard drive failure. In addition, you can also help reduce the risk of disastrous situations.

If all precautions did not work and your data have been corrupt, then you need a application to recover data back in working condition. Use free trial version of this Windows Data Recovery software, this tool will recover your 1 GB data at free of cost. Go through free version to see results.